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When security is paramount, trust the convenience and effectiveness of this cutting-edge tactical solution.

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Introducing the Safety Technology® 21-Inch Push Button Expandable Aluminum Baton – Your Ultimate Self-Defense Companion

When it comes to self-defense, quick and reliable access to your tools is paramount. That's where the Safety Technology® 21-Inch Push Button Expandable Aluminum Baton shines. This cutting-edge self-defense solution is designed to empower you with unmatched convenience and efficiency, ensuring your safety is just an instant away.

Innovative Push Button Convenience: Unleash your defense swiftly and seamlessly with our push-button expandable aluminum baton. A simple flick of the wrist triggers its automatic opening mechanism, securely locking into place instantly. With just one touch, it elegantly collapses, eliminating any need for pounding on concrete. Say goodbye to the risk of damaging, impact-based closures – our baton's revolutionary design redefines ease of use.

Dependable Grip, Rain or Shine: Your safety should never be compromised, even in wet conditions. That's why our tactical baton boasts a rubberized grip that ensures a firm grasp, rain or shine. Feel confident knowing you can maintain control regardless of the weather.

Portable Power, Right in Your Palm: Crafted to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, our baton is compact and easily portable. When fully collapsed, its mere 9-inch length slips effortlessly into your pocket, handbag, or the included nylon holster. With our baton by your side, you're always prepared, no matter where life takes you.

Unveil a New Standard of Security: Armed forces, law enforcement, and security guards have long trusted expandable batons as non-lethal alternatives to firearms. Now, civilians too can wield this power. Adjust your response level depending on the situation, deterring threats or employing strategic sweeps and blocks. It's a versatile tool that empowers you to keep danger at bay.

More Than Self-Defense: Our baton isn't just a self-defense marvel; it's a multi-functional tool. From shattering windows for quick escapes to bolstering your emergency preparedness, this baton is a reliable partner in unexpected situations.

EZ Close Push Button Baton

Unrivaled Features:

  • Effortless Design: Expands from 9 inches to 21 inches with a single motion.
  • Upgraded Drum Disk Locking Structure: Stays expanded when you need it to.
  • One-Handed Mastery: Our easy, single-handed push button retraction ensures flawless functionality.
  • Secure Closure: Locks with a simple push to collapse, guaranteeing secure storage.
  • Confident Grip: The rubberized handle offers steadfast control in any weather.
  • Carry with Ease: Equipped with a nylon belt holster for convenient carrying.
  • Lightweight Champion: Weighing only 9.4oz, it's your feather-light guardian.
  • Crafted Excellence: Constructed from premium 6061 and 7075 Aluminum for unwavering durability.
  • Peace of Mind: Backed by a 1-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

21-Inch Push Button Expandable Aluminum Baton

Engineered for rapid accessibility during critical moments, this advanced tool ensures your safety is a heartbeat away. When safeguarding matters most, rely on the unparalleled convenience and efficiency of this state-of-the-art tactical baton solution.

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