Stick Weapon Baton for Self Defense

Stick Weapon

A stick weapon has been used in battle throughout early history, and their weapons of choice were generally one or more wooden "sticks." These "weapon sticks" were usually made of hardwood material and people designed them into short baton sizes or made into longer-length staff or pole weapon sizes.

Stick Weapon for Self Defense

Stick fighting is still even practiced in martial arts today. And instructors of self-defense classes teach techniques to defend yourself with whatever type of stick weapon you have.

Modern examples of combat fighting sticks include bo staffs, a cane, a walking stick, escrima sticks, an umbrella, batons, and similar types of handheld weapons.

A Stick Weapon in 3 Different Sizes

Our most popular stick weapon is a telescopic expandable baton that conveniently fits in a small space, such as on a belt holster, side pocket of your car door, or in a purse. It is a collapsible baton that is quickly extended by the flick of a wrist, thus the name. Once extended it becomes a formidable self-defense device that can bring devastating results to a bad guy.

A Stick Weapon is Formidable

The reason that the telescopic baton is so popular is that they provide the element of surprise. It also gives you some distance from the attacker.

It packs a powerful striking force that will halt even the toughest of opponents. Most criminals know how devastating devices like this are and will usually back down when they see one.

Stick Weapon Extended Out

Stick Weapons are Versatile

These products can be used to jab, strike, and block. To open, the wrist is flicked quickly, and the weapon sticks expand to their full size. In order to close, simply strike down on a hard surface and it closes.

In addition to being used as a weapon, the baton can also be utilized to break windows or automobile glass, break into fire extinguisher boxes, and gain entry to structures.

It is a good idea to receive training from a professional instructor in order to learn how to use this device in an effective manner.

It is a very useful device for both offensive and defensive purposes that can be quickly employed for actual situations.

Telescopic Stick Weapons

These telescopic stick weapons are now issued to most police departments instead of using the Billy clubs as they formerly did. The officer has a holster attachment on his belt where the baton fits and is easily accessible for immediate use. The batons will not collapse as they have a locking system. In order to collapse it, just strike it straight down on a hard surface.

These "night stick" weapons are made of solid steel and have an extended range of 31, 26, 21, or 16 inches. They have a rubber-covered handle to eliminate slipping of the grip.

It is vital to receive proper instructions for use as it can be considered a deadly weapon. Practicing the use of the stick weapon and understanding the safety rules are important.

A person must be age 18 or older to purchase a flick baton. For use as a self-defense item, this type of stick weapon is a very effective and powerful deterrent.


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