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Mace Alarm with Flashlight

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When the loud siren is wailing and the light is flashing, you will capture the attention of anyone around you.

The Mace Alarm with Flashlight is actually 3 units in 1!

This strobe light flashes incessantly when you activate this personal alarm. If you have a bad guy about to give you grief, you can let him know that you are a fighter and will do whatever it takes to keep yourself protected.

This means getting any kind of help available. And you will get help. Anyone hearing this device will know that something is wrong and will come to investigate. When that happens, the criminal's plan has been interrupted. They want privacy to do their crime. They aren't going to do anything if other people are around or if they think that the cavalry is coming.

The alarming noise coupled with the flashing strobe light will definitely put the spotlight on your situation. When the criminal knows he's about to get caught, he'll more than likely leave you alone.

Mace Personal Alarm

It is a personal alarm, a light, and a door or window alarm. To activate, remove the pin from the top of the unit to emit a 130db blast and flashing light. You can also press a small button on the side of the unit which allows the strobe to be used as a normal non-strobe flashlight.

A FREE attachment allows the SportStrobe to be used as a door or window alert. You can set this device to sound off as a door or window is opened. As soon as it starts to open, you'll know! 

Mace Personal Alarm

Uses a 9-volt battery (not included). Item Code: 80238 - Approx. 2.25” w x 3”h x 1”d

Usage Instructions

With a small screwdriver, open up back panel, lift off and install one 9 volt battery (not included). Once installed, close back panel and tighten. 

Important Note: Place Pull Pin Cord in the unit when replacing the battery. If the pin is not inserted, it will go off.

To activate with Pull Pin Cord: Simply pull the pin and the 130 dB siren and strobe will activate.

To activate Flashlight: Press and hold the button on side of the SportStrobe.

To activate with Door and Window Clip: Insert the accessory plug into the jack (pin location). while holding the metal clip ends together, remove the plastic sleeve. Place the metal clip ends between the door or window and the frame. The placement keeps the metal clips together. Once the door or window is opened, the alarm and strobe will activate.

CAUTION: This item utilizes high decibel ranges. Prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause ear damage.

The floor is yours!

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