Are Stun Guns Legal in New York?

Are stun guns legal in New York?

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We get many questions asking about if stun guns or TASER devices are legal in the state of New York. The quick answer for most people is...

Update: 9 May 2019 - YES, we can now ship to the state of New York.

What about Long Island, Manhattan, or Brooklyn? Yep, we can ship them anywhere in the state. NYC? Yes, anywhere in the entire state.

Crime is up in a big way in New York State and many New Yorkers are opting to carry a protection device with them. Whether that tasers or regular stunners, you now have the choice of these types of devices in your choice of self defense weapons .


Examples of Stun Devices that are Now Legal in New York

New York TaserNew York Stun Flashlight

NY stungunNew York Stun Gun

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Under previous law, your attorney or lawyer would have told you the following information for N.Y. or NYC. Laws have now changed, so stun guns are now legal in NY.

Previous Law

Defined under New York Penal Law § 265.00, the definition of a stun device covers two definitions.

 15-a. “Electronic dart gun” means any device designed primarily as a weapon, the purpose of which is to momentarily stun, knock out or paralyze a person by passing an electrical shock to such person by means of a dart or projectile.

15-c. “Electronic stun gun” means any device designed primarily as a weapon, the purpose of which is to stun, cause mental disorientation, knock out or paralyze a person by passing a high voltage electrical shock to such person.

In 15-a, an electronic dart gun would refer to any TASER Device. These are the devices that police officers use in place of their sidearm to stop and gain control of a suspect.

In 15-c, an electronic stun gun would refer to the many different stun devices that also emit an electrical discharge but do not send out any projectiles or dart. Instead, direct contact must be made with the device itself and the person one is trying to stun. It is a direct contact weapon as opposed to one which can be used from a distance.

Generally, law enforcement personnel are exempt from this penal code and are authorized to carry such devices with them in the course of their official duties.

A civilian, however, can be found guilty of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree when: He possesses an electronic dart gun or an electronic stun gun.

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