Weapons for College Students

Defensive Weapons College Students

Life on campus can feel like living in a bubble--and for the most part, it is.

Administration and campus security are focused on providing safe transportation and student protection. But this doesn't mean that your child is safe while walking back to their dorm late at night.

Physical and sexual assault on campus is a harsh reality: students are at the highest risk of being sexually assaulted. On college campuses, 25% of women and 15% of men are victims of assault.

The first steps to staying safe are helping your student recognize the risks and plan ahead.

While assault is never the victim's fault, if you're concerned about safety on campus, keeping one of these self defense weapons with you might help. You never know when you'll need a defensive tool to help you escape a dangerous situation.

With one of these defensive weapons on hand, you or the loved one in your life can avoid becoming yet another college statistic.

Self Defensive Weapons for Students

College is all about getting a great education--and having fun while you do it. But things aren't always as safe as they seem, especially for women.

What better gift to give your graduate or college student than the gift of safety? Help them be prepared for any situation with one of these legal self defense weapons.

1. Pepper Spray or Mace

This self defense weapon is a classic choice that never goes out of style.

Mace for College Students

It's portable, easy to carry, and discreet. On top of that, it packs quite a punch.

There's a reason why pepper spray is so often used as a self defense tool--or even a weapon by law enforcement. A direct hit from a pepper spray canister can be debilitating and even blinding.

It's a great way to get the attacker on the ground while you or your loved one gets to safety.

2. Stun Gun

The electric crackle of a stun gun is unmistakable.

If you're looking for a powerful and intimidating self defense option, this self defense weapon can't be beat. Also called tasers, stun guns use millions of volts of electricity to stun your attacker.

Stun Gun for a College Student

They're loud, bright, and terrifying to hear--so even just demonstrating one could turn away a would-be attacker.

Don't worry, the effects are only temporary, and it's hard to actually kill someone with a stun gun.

Keep in mind that these aren't legal in every state or city. Double check the laws in your area to see if there are limitations on what you can carry.

3. Tactical Pens

There's nothing like a tactical pen to the eye, neck, or face to turn an attacker away.

Tactical pens are very small sticks, about the size of a thick pen, that can be used to jab at your opponent. While they're not knives and they won't penetrate skin, they can concentrate the force of your blow to make sure your attacker really feels it.

While they're discreet and easy to carry, the one downside is that using a tactical pen requires very close contact. There's always a chance that the attacker could block you.

This defense weapon is best used as a secondary defense, just in case the attacker gets close or grabs you.

4. Key Chains

These self defense weapons are cute but fierce.

You can get a number of different keychain designs, but the most popular style is a dog face. You can slide the keychain onto your knuckles and use the sharp edges to give your punches a bit of an edge.

Student Keychain Knife

All it takes is a few sharp blows to the face or the abdomen to convince an attacker that you're not going to be an easy target.

These are a great option if your loved one is looking for something discreet and low key, just in case of an emergency.

5. Flashlights

Flashlights can do more than just shine a light.

With a tactical or heavy duty flashlight, you can use your flashlight as an improvised striking weapon. Some of them even come with a metal ridge for slashing an attacker.

But you don't even have to strike with a flashlight to use it as a self defense tool. Especially if you're in a dark area, shining a light in the face of your attacker can disorient them or even blind them temporarily.

6. Firearms

If you live in a place where they're legal, you have the proper certification to carry on a college campus, and you've practiced enough to be confident with your shot, a firearm can be an incredibly effective tool of self defense.

Handguns are easy enough to keep on you while you're out and about. All it takes is one shot--not even aimed at the attacker--to convince them that you're not worth their time.

Sometimes even just having the gun on you or pointing it at the attacker will be enough.

Just remember that many college campuses won't allow open or concealed carry--or at the very least they might restrict certain types of firearms. A gun is a very dangerous weapon and you should only carry one if you're licensed and allowed to do so.

The Bottom Line

Whether you're sending your loved one off to college for the first time or they're already a year or two in, the gift of self defense can give both of you some peace of mind.

Knowing that your student is in control of their own safety can be scary, but these defensive weapons can help keep them safe in an unfamiliar environment.

Looking for more self defense tools and tips? Check out our blog for more advice!


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