Carry Alarms

The last thing a mugger wants is everyone coming to see what that loud sound is. It could be enough to scare them away or at least change their plans.

Carry Alarms are personal alarms that are small enough for you to carry around with you. These alarms emit a very loud sound when activated which brings attention to you.

Safety Alarm to Carry

These panic or emergency alarms are also great for the elderly. Elderly personal alarms can summon assistance immediately and get the help they need.

A carry alarm or a personal alarm gives you the advantage of surprising your attacker and hopefully gaining much-needed attention. Some models even have flashing lights that give a visual distress signal to those around you. It is hard to ignore an ear-piercing sound along with a blinding flashing light. Someone will come to investigate the noise and provide assistance.

You can even use a safety alarm for someone suffering from sleepwalking. If they get out of bed and grab the doorknob, the alarm will go off and wake them up. They may be a bit confused why they are at the door but at least they won't get themselves hurt.

Here are only a couple of examples of the personal alarms we offer. Click the pictures to see the full range in this category.


keychain alarm


personal carry alarm

Why Carry a Safety Alarm?

The question arises; why carry a panic alarm? This can be the first line of defense in a situation where a person feels threatened. These devices can be used to distract and confuse a perpetrator who has the intent of robbery or worse.

The panic alarms that are available on the marketplace today are capable of emitting ear-piercing noise that can be heard up to a quarter of a mile away. One technique has a pin that can be pulled from the device, which is shaped like a hand grenade, and the pin is then thrown to the ground. Some models even emit smoke.

The attacker then must make a decision as to what to do next. That moment of hesitation will allow the victim to be able to take their pepper spray and finish making the decision for the perpetrator. The concept in using personal panic alarms is not so much to summon help but to distract the attacker giving the victim enough time to get away or react with a pepper spray or some other method of disabling the attacker.

Carry a Safety Alarm

These products are ideal for single women who are shopping, or in geographical areas unknown to them. Children can be fitted with devices that will trigger an alarm if they happen to wander out of a specified circumference from their parent.

These are relatively small, inexpensive devices that are easy to carry in a purse, a briefcase on a key chain. Some of these small, handy alarm systems are also a pepper spray that can be trained upon the attacker rendering him defenseless in seconds, which will provide time for the victim to escape.

Some may feel that if an attacker is determined, a little noisemaker won’t make any difference. The sound that the device makes, however, is so loud and effective that anyone will instinctively hesitate just long enough to make a difference in the timing of his or her actions. That hesitation factor is just enough time in many cases to allow the victim to escape or use another device such as a pepper spray.

Another logical scenario is that if the personal security device makes any difference at all in the reaction time of the attacker, it is worth that moment of diversion. It may slow the attacker enough to make a difference for a getaway.

Studies have shown that the ear-splitting noise that these personal panic alarms provide does, in fact, make a difference. It could cause a passerby to call the police. It could enlist another person or persons to interfere with the attack. Is it logical to assume that an attacker is going to attempt a rape or robbery with an ear-splitting noise going off nearby that cannot be shut off?

Most women interviewed who owned such devices said that they felt safer having them available. Having such a device does not replace common sense in where a person should travel or walk. The best defense is to stay around other people and keep moving. If an individual does find himself or herself in a secluded area, a safety alarm coupled with a pepper spray would be the best method of self-defense.