Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Carrying Pepper Spray for Self Defense Benefits


1 out of 6 women have been the victim of rape.

These kinds of statistics should terrify anyone. Unfortunately, there are large amounts of rape, assault, and battery taking place every day. Despite the fact these problems shouldn't even be happening, taking precautions is needed because they do.

One of the best ways to stay protected is carrying pepper spray. Pepper spray may seem scary to some and while it should be used appropriately, it's good to have in case danger approaches.

Below are 5 reasons to use pepper spray for self defense. Keep reading to see why you should be carrying some to help stay protected against harm.

1. Simple to Carry

One of the top reasons to carry pepper spray is the fact it is easy to carry around and hide in any purse or bag. You can hook it to your car keys or have it zipped up in a safe pocket.

You can carry it with you in a purse or bag without anyone knowing you have it on your person. This way, it won't alarm anyone while you are enjoying brunch with your friends.

When you leave brunch and are walking to your car alone, it's easy to keep in your hand- ready to go in case you need it.

There's even pepper spray for joggers! Even while fitting in your daily exercise, you can easily carry it around in case of a sudden need for pepper spray self defense.

Pepper Spray for Joggers

It's super light, and almost all pepper spray containers come with a safety lock system of sorts to guarantee it won't spray unless you make it.

For the ladies out there, some containers are even colored pink and have jewels. That way, you can stay fashionable and safe. Who doesn't love a multi-use accessory?

2. Easy to Use

A plus to using pepper spray for self defense is that it's easy to learn about and easy to use.

We do suggest once you have purchased your pepper spray, you practice taking off the cap or switching on the nozzle. Practice this in an open area outside and hold it away from your body.

Along with practice, we also suggest doing some research into what the best situations are to carry pepper spray and what some possible complications may be. Make sure to know if you spray it in a windy area, it could blow back to hit you.

Be aware of environmental factors like those and even invest in a self defense class. A self defense class will teach you how to defend yourself and what actions you can take alongside having pepper spray on your person.

Another thing to note is pepper spray is typically not fatal. It will only slow the predator down. Once you use it, be ready to take action.

If you have extreme respiratory issues, pepper spray may not be suggested for you or extra caution should be taken. Like we said, it all comes down to doing your research.

3. It's Accessible

Unlike guns or large knives, pepper spray is usually easy to buy. Some purchase it online or even in-store. Even though it is easy to buy, make sure to conduct some research beforehand.

Check out recommended brands and online forums about other people's experiences. Just because something is easy to buy doesn't mean appropriate action should be taken.

Purchasing pepper spray for self defense is easy and affordable. Protecting yourself shouldn't cost you a pay check.

If you don't want to buy it for yourself, let your spouse or parent know it's a great birthday gift or stocking stuffer. Protection is the gift that keeps on giving, right?

4. Pepper Spray for Self Defense is Effective

We know you may be wondering about pepper spray effectiveness.

How effective pepper spray is comes down to how it works, and trust us, it works. The spray can cause extreme coughing, temporary blindness, burning sensations in the skin, and itchiness.

This won't kill the predator, but it will give you time to escape or take action. Take advantage of the predator's confusion and pain to run away.

When purchasing pepper spray, look at how far the canister will shoot and how easy it is to uncap or activate. Once shot, peak results will last approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Effects will start wearing off past that time.

We don't suggest you wait that long, however. Take action the second your predator is stunned.

If it didn't work, law enforcement wouldn't trust it so much. Call your local law enforcement for more information on the product and what might best suit you.

5. You'll Be Safer

The best reason to use pepper spray for self defense is for the improvement of your safety.

Like said before, rape, assault, and attacks happen way too often. Most of the time, it isn't even strangers attacking innocent victims, it's people the victim already knows.

You never know what violent actions one person might take so it's always better to be safe than sorry. Always stay prepared.

Pepper spray could be the thing that keeps you from experiencing trauma that could affect you for the rest of your life. It could keep you from being beaten or in extreme cases, killed.

You aren't replaceable, and no one should have to live with the memory of being hurt or violated by someone else. The world is a messy place, and you should always be prepared and protected.

Do a favor for yourself and loved ones and purchase pepper spray. They'll be thankful.

Take Action

We can't stress the importance of pepper spray enough. There are so many reasons to purchase it beyond these provided 5.

Take some time and do the research. Look into suggested brands, personal testimonies, and the science behind it all.

Make sure to take educated actions and practice safe use of pepper spray. Using pepper spray for self defense could literally save your life.

If you need help in finding what brands or looks of pepper spray best suits you and your lifestyle, check out our website. We have tons of options, including holders for your canister.


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