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You only need a glimpse of crime statistics from the FBI to realize just how dangerous the outside world can be. Every time you leave your home, every time you walk the streets alone, every time you find yourself in a dark place – all these represent a risk on your life that you’re taking. Do yourself a favor and protect yourself with a self-defense whistle.

electronic whistleThe self-defense whistle is ideal for individuals who strongly prefer not to engage in a physical fight with their assailant. It could be due to your personal principles or because you believe that you are seriously disadvantaged in such fights. Whatever the case may be, a self-defense whistle is your best weapon against criminal attacks.

Indeed, many a crime could have been prevented and lives could have been saved even if only would-be victims had been able to successfully call for help. But of course, screaming loud enough takes time and energy – two things that you may not have the luxury of when you’re running for your life.

Calling for help, however, need not require the use of your voice if you have a self-defense whistle.

Loud and Clear
Self-defense whistles in the market today emit a very loud and shrill whistling sound with a minimum of a 100 decibel alarm. You may even find some models using a 120-decibel alarm.
Such volume is imperative for your life’s safety: one little blow and you’re sure to get people’s attention. Just one clear look on your situation is all you need and help is sure to come immediately.

Compact Design
Self-defense whistles are small and handy. They often come in the form of key chains and as such, they won’t look out of place if you have them in your hands all the time or chained to your belt strap or pocket. You may even attach them to a necklace for quicker access. What’s important here is that self-defense whistles are small enough to bring with you at all times. That way, you’ll have 24/7 protection wherever you are.

Flashing Lights
A whistle in a silent night may be an effective signal for help, but darkness can prevent you from enjoying a timely rescue. Using a self-defense whistle – and not just whistling yourself – will, however, changes things. Self-defense whistles today also come with flashing lights to help your would-be rescuer pinpoint your exact location.

With self-defense whistles, there is no need to get close enough to hit your attacker. Just blow away and help will come running.


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