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The Spike stun gun has two sharp spikes designed so it could double as a striking self defense tool. You would aim for the eyes or throat to maximize your advantage.

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Devastating Protection in the palm of your hand! Designed to surprise your attacker with brutal force.

The Spike stun gun has two sharp spikes protruding from the end of the device. It was designed so it could double as a striking self defense tool. You aim for the eyes or throat to inflict maximum damage on the criminal.

The same two spikes are energized once activated by a small squeeze and will discharge large amounts of electrical energy into the bad guy. This will temporarily throw them off guard giving you time to make your escape.

Spiked Stun Gun

The SPIKE stun gun comes with a rubberized coating, providing a comfortable non-slip grip.

Two sharp spikes double as electrodes for 20 million volts of stopping power!

You insert your trigger finger into the hole and activate the device with the palm of your hand.

Resting discreetly in your hand, the triggering button is activated by your palm. Simply give a squeeze and it activates, dishing out an immense and intense electrical discharge into your target.

The Spike discharges loudly, easily able to dissuade a confrontation before it starts.


  • 4.7 milliamps
  • 3 1/2" long x 3" wide x 1" thick
  • 20,000,000 volts
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Safety Switch and Light


  • Nylon Belt Holster
  • Rubberized Coating
5 out of 5
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Small, rechargeable, powerful
Because it's small larger handed people may find their fingers very close to the business end.
Although given as gifts and not used personally I believe you can't beat the price or quality.
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