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The Spike stun gun has two sharp spikes designed so it could double as a striking self defense tool. You would aim for the eyes or throat to maximize your advantage.

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Spike Stun Gun

Devastating Protection in the Palm of Your Hand

The Spike stun gun offers devastating protection, designed to surprise attackers with brutal force. Equipped with two sharp spikes, it doubles as both a striking and electrifying self-defense weapon.

Key Features

  • Voltage: 20 million volts for maximum stopping power.
  • Design: Two sharp spikes energized by a simple squeeze.
  • Grip: Rubberized coating for a comfortable, non-slip grip.


  • Current: 4.7 milliamps
  • Size: 3 1/2" long x 3" wide x 1" thick
  • Rechargeable: USB charging
  • Safety: Built-in safety switch and light

How to Use

Insert your trigger finger into the hole and activate the device with your palm. The loud electrical discharge can dissuade confrontations before they start.

Safety Tips

Always ensure the device is charged and familiarize yourself with the safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.


The Spike stun gun combines striking force with high-voltage protection, making it an ideal self-defense tool. Order yours today to stay protected.

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Cecilia Cuellar
Verified purchase
I love the Spike, it's a perfect fit for my small hand. Easy to charge and it comes in a little carrying case. A soft case with velcro, you can slip your belt in the back of the case.
I can't think of any disadvantages with this product.
Ladies this item is great to have! You will feel very protected carrying The Spike. I love it!
Small, rechargeable, powerful
Because it's small larger handed people may find their fingers very close to the business end.
Although given as gifts and not used personally I believe you can't beat the price or quality.
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