Top 5 Self Defense Products

Self Defense Products

Do you feel safe walking alone at night?

Many people do not, especially women. In the U.S., 11% of men and 38% of women say they do not feel safe alone at night. Being prepared to defend yourself is essential.

However, self defense does not mean you have to carry a gun. There are many self defense products that are non-lethal but will protect you from attackers.

The world can be a crazy, dangerous place. The right products can help you to be ready to defend yourself.

Self Defense Products are Part of an Overall Plan

Being ready to counter an attack means moving beyond your instincts. Believing you will somehow know exactly how to respond to danger is setting yourself up to fail.

Instead, you should think about what could happen. Consider when you would run, when you would give the attacker what they want, and when you would fight back. Reflect on how you could create opportunities to escape.

Having self defense products is vital, but you also need to know how to use them. Before you choose any of the personal safety devices listed below, look into how you could get training and practice with them. And always keep your weapon in easy reach.

Having a clear plan and practicing is the only way to make sure you react appropriately in a dangerous situation. Don’t rely on instincts. Be alert and have a strategy ready.

1. Tactical Knives

A tactical knife is the best way to defend yourself without carrying a gun. You can take them almost anywhere, although laws vary by state.

If you choose to carry a tactical knife, be sure to pick one that is high-quality. A low-quality knife will be almost useless in an emergency situation.

Choose a knife blade length of at least three inches, but don’t pick a blade longer than your state allows for concealed carry. A knife is easy to carry in your pocket or purse, but be sure you can reach it easily.

Knives are extremely effective at close range, which is the type of attack that’s the hardest to escape. Be sure to practice how you’d use it, though. Knowing how to use a knife effectively does not come naturally.

The other benefit of choosing a knife compared to other self defense products is that you can use it in many non-emergency circumstances as well. Just be sure the blade does not become dull because then it won’t work when you need it most.

2. TASER Devices and Stun Guns

If you don’t want to carry a knife, consider a TASER Device or stun gun. Many people confuse the two, but they are not the same.

Stun guns have to be in contact with the attacker to be effective, while you can use tasers up to 15 feet away. TASER Devices must be aimed, but using a stun gun can put you at risk because you have to get closer to an assailant.

Compact Stun Gun

Both are extremely useful because they immobilize your attacker for several seconds. This can buy you the time you need to run away to a safe distance.

With a TASER Device or stun gun, you need to be sure that an attacker cannot take it from you in a close-quarters fight. Get self-defense training and practice specifically how you would use the device.

Some TASER devices and stun guns have snatch prevention. There are plates along the side that will shock the attacker if they try to take the weapon from you. This can be very helpful in keeping someone from using the device against you.

Laws about using TASER devices vary. Be sure to check your local statutes before using this particular product.

3. Pepper Spray

For an affordable and easy defense, consider pepper spray. Many people love pepper spray because it’s a simple and effective tool.

We rank it as #3 on our list because it only slows down an attacker, it doesn’t immobilize them. As a result, someone can still grab and tackle you while suffering from the spray.

Wildfire Pepper Spray 2 ounce size

Pepper spray is a good diversion if you know how to use it properly. Choose a well-made product that has a mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. You don’t want pepper spray all over your purse or pocket!

There are specific state laws about pepper spray, and it’s important to be up to date on what’s required. Keep in mind that rain or wind can affect the usefulness of the spray so you may want to carry other self defense products as well.

4. Self-Defense Keychains

Sometimes the best way to free of danger is to let others know you need help. A loud noise can startle an assailant, bring attention, and alert others that you want assistance.

Self Defense Keychain

A self-defense keychain is one of the most practical self defense products for this purpose. It is small, easy to carry, and generally accessible. Most of us are not far from our keys when we are out of the house!

Because an alarm does not stop an attack, we rank this below tactical knives, tasers, and pepper spray. It’s best as a backup self-defense device.

keychain alarm

However, many criminals are looking to do quick work without anyone noticing, so an alarm may cause them to flee.

5. Tactical Flashlights

Similar to tactical knives, a tactical flashlight is a multi-use product. You can use it to see where you’re going, and it can also blind an opponent if you find yourself in a fight.

When you aim an extremely bright light at someone, all they can see is brightness. When you turn to run, it will take several moments for their eyes to readjust to the darkness so they can see you.

Combo Flashlight Stun Gun

Most tactical flashlights are only useful at night, so this is our #5 recommendation. If night walking or jogging is your main concern, it’s an excellent choice. For a weapon that’s more versatile, consider a combination stun gun and flashlight.

Some tactical lights have grooved or jagged edges around the front of the light that can help you defend yourself in close quarters. If the attacker is already touching you, blinding will be less useful than cutting or blunt force.

Use Self Defense Products Appropriately

Remember that the purpose of self defense products is not to win a fight. It’s simply to disable an attacker long enough for you to get to safety. With the right products and training, you can be safer day or night in almost any environment.

Want to learn more? Contact us today with any questions you have about self-defense. We’re here to help!


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