Personal Security Alarm Benefits

Personal Security Alarms

Did you ever experience burglary? Do you feel your home is an easy target for burglars? Are you searching for ways to increase your home’s level of security?

There are about 2.5 million cases of burglaries taking in the United States every year. Out of this number, about two-thirds involve home break-ins. According to the FBI, homeowners report an average of $2,000 amount of goods they lose to burglars.

People use different methods to counter burglaries. Some reinforce their doors and strengthen their windows.

But burglars still find their way in.

A good number of these incidents happen while homeowners are sleeping soundly. Thus, you should consider investing in a personal security alarm for your home.

Alarms can help fight this since they scare burglars away.

If you wish to learn more about the benefits of a personal security alarm, continue reading below.

Personal Security Alarm: The Key Benefits

With the current times becoming more dangerous, you need to consider increasing the level of security in your home or workplace. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits you will enjoy if you decide to invest in a personal security alarm.

1. Crime Deterrent

First and foremost, a personal security alarm deters crime. Let’s say your home doesn’t have very strong windows. The burglar easily breaks and gets inside.

With a personal alarm by your side, you can hit the button and create a sound that will shock the intruder. With the burglar scrambling to make his way out, you will earn more time, and more time buys you options.

The high-decibel noise from the alarm will also alert the other people inside your home. In case you are alone, its sound is loud enough for your neighbors to hear.

2. Outdoor Protection

Do you walk alone in the evening going home? Or do you run around your neighborhood at night to shed off some calories? A personal security alarm becomes handy during these times.

These alarms are small and easy to carry. Whenever you see an attacker heading in your direction, you can simply pull off the alarm and hit the button.

The noise will confuse the attacker and call the attention of people even if they are inside their homes.

3. Savings

If you do not have the budget to install a comprehensive home alarm system, you can start off with a personal security alarm. Believe it or not, you can get a reliable personal alarm for as low as $12.

Home security installations can cost you somewhere from $300 to $2,500. Of course, this depends on how comprehensive the level of security they provide.

Make sure you pick an alarm that best suits your preferences. Take note that personal alarms come in different forms and sizes. Some of them cater to a specific market.

Considering how much a home alarm system costs nowadays, it is best to start small. Gradually save up until you can afford a complete home protection system.

We will go into the details of the different types of personal alarms later in the article.

4. Beyond Theft

To the surprise of many, a personal alarm goes beyond fending off burglars and attackers. You can use personal alarms to aid senior citizens. The elderly, particularly the ones who have problems with mobility, will benefit from a personal alarm.

In times when they are alone at home, they can push the alarm’s panic button in case of emergency. This will notify neighbors to come over to check up on them.

Interestingly, there are personal alarms that come with added features. There are alarms that can dial pre-set emergency numbers. With just a click of a button, your elderly loved one can call for immediate assistance.

5. Functions Without Interruptions

Unlike some home and apartment alarm systems, personal security alarms work on batteries. This means that it can function uninterruptedly even if there’s an outage.

Predators know when to attack. They take advantage of key situations like blackouts. But with a personal alarm in hand, you can still call for help in case someone breaks inside your home.

You can also use a personal alarm during emergency cases that trap you inside your house. Severe flooding or earthquakes can trap people inside their houses. During these times, electricity is likely cut.

With the help of a personal alarm, you can create noise and call the attention of rescuers. These alarms can run for extended periods of time. You can expect them to keep on working until the rescuers find you.

6. Flexibility

If your current home alarm system is not the wireless type, you will appreciate the flexibility of a personal security alarm. Apart from its non-reliance on an electric connection, you can bring it with you anywhere you want.

These alarms are compact and lightweight. You can also clip them on your belt if you don’t prefer carrying one in your hand. Since these things are small, you may also carry them inside your handbag or pocket.

There are also personal alarms that come with cool features. These features include a clock, a backlight, a pedometer, and a calorie counter.

Types of Personal Security Alarms

Now that you know the key benefits personal security alarms can offer, let’s zoom in on the different types you can choose from.

1. Keychain Alarm

If you are always on the go and you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff, the keychain alarm is your best bet. Not only is it lightweight, but you can also attach it to your keychain to go along with your car keys.

It is easy to use. You simply need to push the button or pull the pin to make it work. When searching for a keychain alarm, try to go for one that comes with a built-in light.

This is useful when walking in dark places alone.

2. Driver Alarm

The driver alarm provides a different kind of protection: road protection. Some car crashes happen when drivers fall asleep.

A driver alarm can help prevent this type of crash from happening. Attach the alarm to your ear and it will send you an alert every time nod off at the steering wheel.

The driver alarm features an electronic sensor. The sensor detects if you are about to doze off while driving. It produces a sound that will keep you alert and awake.

If you are a professional driver or someone who frequently drives at night, the driver alarm is a great investment.

3. Flashlight Alarm

Do you work outside late at night? Then you need a flashlight alarm to accompany you during the dangerous wee hours. It is small enough to fit inside your pocket. But it packs a punch in terms of performance.

It comes with a strong flashlight to illuminate your path when walking in dark places. Like any other personal alarm, it comes creates an ear-piercing sound when you pull the pin during emergency cases.

4. Dual Purpose Personal Alarm

This type of alarm serves you while you regardless if you are inside or outside the house. It features two attachments that serve different purposes.

You can place the first attachment as a door alarm. It sets off an alarm in case an intruder tries to open your door.

The second attachment, on the other hand, is something you can carry with you outside. This is perfect for people who live in apartments or college dorms where a lot of foot traffic takes place.

If you happen to be a frequent traveler, there is also a dual alarm to protect you and your belongings inside your hotel room. Simply hang the alarm around your room’s doorknob. When an intruder attempts to get it, the alarm will instantly go off.

5. Child Monitor

Lastly, there is the electronic child monitor that lets you keep watch of your kids especially when you are outdoors. It sets off a beep to notify you that your children are wandering too far.

This alarm gives you a sense of balance. You can give your kids some space to play without having to worry if they are already outside of a safe range.

Keep in mind that before buying any type of home or personal alarm, you need to do your homework first. Look for several options and make comparisons. Consider your specific requirements in relation to your budget.

Don’t forget to check out the customer reviews. This will help you get an idea of what to expect.

Learn More About Security

A personal security alarm is just one of the different products available out there. There are other types of products that cater to people’s different security needs.

Feel free to check out our extensive lineup of security products or read our other blog posts and guides. Keep on learning about how you can protect yourself and your family at all times.

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