2 Oz Holster

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There’s no telling when you’ll need a pepper spray most. A holster will make it easier to find and use.


Leatherette holster for the 2oz Pepper Shot pepper spray. Fits the PS-2S and PS-2F Home Defense Pepper Shot pepper sprays. This holster will also fit our Wildfire 2oz Pepper Gel.

Most people will probably do well with a pepper spray sans the holster. But there is a reason why an accessory such as this can also serve an important purpose, something that many users of pepper spray tend to overlook. So do you really need a pepper spray with a holster? Here are reasons why you should consider getting one:

A holster keeps your pepper spray can in place

With the variety of designs, shapes, and sizes they come in these days, pepper sprays can easily be misplaced.

If it has a holster, you’re more likely to wear it or attach it to your bag where you could easily see it. 

There’s no need to waste time digging into your bag or pocket

There's no telling when you'll need a pepper spray the most. A holster will make it easier to find and use. Imagine being in imminent danger of getting mauled by an aggressive wild animal or physically harmed by an assailant and being unable to grab your pepper spray in time.

Most aggressive or violent attacks can occur in a matter of seconds and in those first few seconds lie your chance of escape or survival. You should be able to act quickly and decisively during this time to prevent or at least minimize physical harm to yourself. If you can use your pepper spray right away, you probably don’t have much to worry about. 

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