4 Oz Holster

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Use this holster to keep your spray on your side and readily available.


Leatherette holster for the 4oz Pepper Shot pepper spray. Fits the PS-4S and PS-7F Pepper Shot pepper sprays.

A holster prevents accidental use

It’s easy for anyone careless enough to get a hold of your pepper spray and play with it. A holster will provide extra protection for the canister and prevent curious hands from accidentally spraying it. This is particularly a concern when there are young children around, especially those who are prone to picking up and playing with unfamiliar objects.

A holster will also help protect the nozzle of the spray and thus prevent unnecessary use.

A holster keeps your pepper spray accessible outdoors

Probably one of the best reasons for buying a pepper spray holster is to keep your canister easy to use when you’re outdoors. You can wear the holster on your belt or bag where it will be easy to access so in case you need to use the spray, you don’t have to search for it. Wearing the pepper spray in a holster is also a practical way of moving outdoors – it frees up your hands so you have better flexibility in terms of movement.

A holster will protect your pepper spray from the elements. Your can of pepper spray can probably withstand some exposure to the environment but if you’re the type who’s frequently outdoors or lead an active life, having a holster can help minimize the presence of dust, dirt and grease.

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