Mace Pepper Gun Refill Cartridges

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Mace Pepper Gun Refill Cartridges for Unbeatable Protection!

Looking to keep your Mace Pepper Spray Gun at its peak performance? Look no further! Our OC Refill Cartridge for the Mace Pepper Gun offers two compelling options, ensuring you stay ready to face any threat that comes your way.

Option 1: Double Up on Defense With this option, you'll receive two potent pepper spray canisters that pack a powerful punch. The moment you fire, the attacker will experience the discomfort of coughing, choking, and their eyes slamming shut in excruciating pain. Rest assured, our formula is designed for immediate incapacitation, leaving no long-term or permanent damage.

Option 2: Perfect Your Aim with Practice Practice makes perfect, and that's why we've crafted this incredible refill combination. In addition to one pepper spray canister, you'll receive one water canister specially designed for safe and effective practice. Hone your skills and be fully prepared for any eventuality.

Simple Refilling Process Refilling your Mace Pepper Gun is a breeze! Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Slide the barrel release switch on the side of the pepper gun to open the barrel.
  2. Gently remove the old cartridge by holding the exposed area of the canister and pulling outward.
  3. Slide in the new cartridge gently and secure the barrel by pushing it closed.

Refilling Your Mace Pepper Gun

Mace Pepper Gun Refills

Added Safety with UV Dye Our OC Refill Cartridges include a bonus feature - UV dye! This invisible dye marks attackers, leaving a trail for law enforcement to investigate long after they're gone. It's an invaluable tool in ensuring justice is served.

Peace of Mind with Quality and Origin When it comes to personal safety, we take no shortcuts. Rest easy knowing that our OC Refill Cartridge Pepper Gun is proudly made in the USA. Each cartridge contains 28 grams of powerful protection - that's twice the confidence in your hands!

Don't wait for danger to strike; equip yourself with the best. Refill your Mace Pepper Gun today and maintain your readiness for any situation. Trust in Mace, the name synonymous with personal defense excellence. Your safety is our priority, and with Mace by your side, you're unstoppable.

Product Features:

  • 28 grams each
  • Safely disable attackers
  • Powerful formula causes coughing, choking, and eyes to tear shut in pain
  • No lasting or permanent harm
  • Included UV dye aids law enforcement in post-attack investigation

Take charge of your safety with Mace - because preparedness means peace of mind.

Some states have restrictions on Pepper Sprays. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

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