Hidden Weapons for Self Defense

Hidden Weapons

Self-defense is something many of us worry about. Every year, in the United States, there are between 60,000 and 2.5 million defensive uses of firearms.

What are Hidden Weapons?

There are many hidden weapons in use other than a simple firearm. Being able to conceal or the appearance is already in a covert form defines what is considered hidden. This should give you an idea of how commonplace self-defense scenarios are.

Hidden Weapons and You

If you decide to carry a hidden weapon, there are a lot of concerns and considerations to take into account. The first is, how concealable, or hidden, a weapon can be. Second, you want a weapon that is effective and capable of ending a situation or chasing off your assailant.

What most people often think of when they talk about hidden weapons are concealed firearms. Pistols have become the most common weapon related to various self-defense confrontations. However, there are a variety of other tools and weapons you should consider.

Hidden Knife or Bladed Weapon

Since prehistoric times, potentially even before modern humans appeared, knives have been popular. Depending on the shape and size of a knife, it isn’t hard to see why they are so common. Knives can be disguised or concealed in a huge variety of ways, and come in a tremendous variety of shapes, sizes, and weights.

Hidden Comb Knife

Due to versatility and effectiveness, knives continue to play an important role in self-defense. Unlike in the movies, knives are very hard to stop or deflect. A stab wound can cause significant injury, ranging from debilitating to mortal with very little effort on the part of the person with the knife.

Another great advantage to carrying a knife is that it can be deployed rapidly. It takes less time to produce and use a knife than it does with most weapons. This gives you the opportunity to act in your own defense in a quick and decisive manner before others may be able to understand what is happening.

TASER Devices and Stun Gun

In modern times, TASER weapons and stun guns have become more popular as a less-lethal option when engaging in self-defense situations. Many stun guns play the role of a hidden weapon well, being able to be kept in a pocket or a purse. TASER devices aren’t much bigger, though some require more room to deploy.

TASER device vs Stun Gun: What's the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

One of the most attractive functions of a stun gun or TASER device is that it can chase off criminals. Stun guns and TASER weapons are loud and obvious; they emit a crackling, electrical noise that can be very unsettling. In addition to this, many people understand how painful it can be to receive a shock from one.

Pepper Spray

No list about hidden self-defense weapons is complete without pepper spray. Another non-lethal option, pepper spray is capable of temporarily blinding and dazing your opponent. It does this by producing incredible pain when applied directly to the face and eyes.

Pepper Shot Pepper Sprays

Pepper spray is also versatile, making it one of the best personal self-defense products. It can be used to not only chase away or deter an attack by a human but also by wild animals. There are a large variety of options on the market, make sure you get one that works for you.

Heavy Flashlights

When thinking of the best self-defense products, a lot of people overlook flashlights. This is unfortunate because flashlights can help in multiple ways and are useful in almost every situation. They can do everything from light up the scene of an attack, be used as a club, or even temporarily blind an attacker.

The functionality of your flashlight all comes down to what type of flashlight you carry. Whether you choose a heavy, long flashlight that makes for an excellent bludgeoning weapon or a smaller, more brightly focused beam light, there’s a flashlight out there for you.

Batons and Rigid Tools

No list of hidden weapons would be complete without speaking on batons and rigid tools. From kubatons that you can keep on your keychain, to full asps, these tools can be a lifesaver. These tools rely on impact to injure or thwart an attacker from achieving their goal of harming you.

Kubotan Keychain Self Defense Tool

If you do decide to go with a baton or rigid tool, remember that you need to practice using it. The last thing you want is to have your weapon taken away and used against you. This is a very real threat, so being competent with these tools is a vital step towards self-protection.

Body Accessories

One potential hidden weapon that you may not have considered is you. With a proper amount of training, you could become very dangerous to an opponent, especially if you’re willing to use certain tools. Worn devices such as self-defense keychains and specialized gloves are all available for your use.

SAP Gloves

It doesn’t take as long to learn how to defend yourself as a lot of people think. Not only that, but you will probably lose weight and become more physically fit while training. All of this can have a net benefit above and beyond being used alongside self-defense products.

Check the Laws Where You Live

One key component to take into consideration before purchasing a hidden weapon or device is its legality. Some jurisdictions only allow for certain types of weapons, and others have more stringent restrictions on what can be used, and how it can be used in a self-defense situation.

It may not be possible for you to carry a pistol or a knife. In this case, you are better off looking for non-lethal options. You need to find a hidden weapon that works for you, that you will not only feel comfortable wielding but also one which you can trust to get the job done.

Your Safety and Your Life

If you’re searching for hidden weapons for sale and the best self-defense products, look no further than TBO-TECH Self Defense Products. Contact us if you have any questions or want to look into options for your own self-protection. Don’t risk being a helpless victim, take control of your life and your safety today.


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