Helpful Tips on Using a Kubotan

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How to Use a Kubotan

There are various types of weapons that you can use for self defense, but keep in mind if they are suitable to carry around. Some weapons can be bulky, and others can pose a risk to you such as a pepper spray if it blows back into you. Using a kubotan is a useful weapon that can be easily carried with you.

What is a Kubotan?

Also called a yawara, it is a stick that is short in nature and made of either wood, PVC, bone or metal. These materials are strong and very difficult to break or splinter. This handheld weapon will fit into the palm of your hand.

Using a Kubotan

You will be able to store keychain weapon in your pocket or your handbag or even on your key-chain. When used correctly, it can protect your life against an unknown attacker.

The important aspect of using a self defense weapon such as this is knowing how to use it in the correct manner. Below are some useful tips on using yours safely and with effect.

Knowing the Correct Areas of the Body to Hit

The Yawara is useful in causing a lot of pain when you use it to hit certain parts of the body on your attacker. The pain caused will give you an ample chance to flee from your attacker.

The areas to target are the nose, between the eye area, on each side of the neck, the throat, under the armpit, lower back near where the bladder is situated, the groin area and any of the pectoral muscles.

  • the eyes and the area between the eyes
  • nose
  • throat and either side of the neck
  • chest area, particularly the diaphragm, the upper area near the center of the ribcage
  • underneath the armpit
  • pectoral muscles
  • lower back at the bladder
  • groin

Kubotan Pressure Points

Have a Firm Grip

Kubotans should fit into the palm of your hand with a few inches protruding out from each end of your hand. Don’t clinch it, but at the same time make sure your grip is firm.

There are different styles of these types so you would need to choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Some have a flat end or a round end or a sharp end. You will need to decide which one appeals to you best.


Know how to Hit

The most important factor when using this device is to ensure that the tip of the stick makes the biggest impact when you thrust or jab. You can use either a downward, sideward or upward thrust. And you can use it to cause pain to pressure points.

You will need to learn to make sure that you are able to transfer the strength in your arms into the hand region. This will ensure that you are using it to the best of your ability.

Another technique is to swipe at the face of your attacker while your keys are attached. This will scrape the flesh and cause bleeding and pain.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can make use of a punching bag or a dummy to perfect your skills with your Kubotan. The main aim is to build up your strength and perfect the areas that you would hit an attacker with.

Don’t wait until you’ll really need to use a kubotan to wield it. Practice for 30 minutes with it several times a week. This will help make you more confident in using it and build your strength. Try to focus on the main targets (use a dummy or a punching bag). The better you are at hitting your target, the more you can protect yourself.

The more accurate your hits are when you are practicing the more you will be able to protect yourself in real danger. Read on for more: Versatility of the Kubotan.


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