Yawara Stick

Safety and self defense are important for everyone, though most people do not have the time or resources to learn extensive martial arts or go through firearms training. Those types of defensive options take years to learn how to perform and use properly.

If you want to increase your safety, but have no interest in waiting that long, then you can use other means to assist you in keeping yourself, your family and your property safe. One thing you may consider is the yawara stick.

Yawara StickThis is a Japanese weapon that dates back centuries. It is not difficult to use and can have quite devastating effects when done properly. It is small and easy to take with you virtually anywhere.

During Feudal Japan, the Buddhist monks had an object that was purely symbolic known as the Kongou. From that, the yawara was developed.

When you look for these today, you can find them available as either an individual or a pair of sticks. These are small enough to fit in your hand.

Originally, the design involved a sort of barbell looking device that had a flat head on either side of the hand when it was held. They are used in various forms of martial arts but are increasingly common as a self-defense stick.

Self Defense and the Yawara Stick

These sticks developed popularity back in the 1940's for police officers because they were easy to carry and could be quite effective at subduing criminals. The legalities surrounding them will vary depending on where you live and the type that you purchase. There are many designs and types available today so, make sure that you purchase one that will not cause you any legal trouble. For instance, there are yawaras that also double as writing instruments called tactical pens, making them blend in with your personal belongings while still being available for a quick defense. Check our FAQ page.

Tactical Pen

The purpose of the tool is to strike vulnerable points on your assailant in order to prevent them from carrying through with their intended crime. You can target bony areas and soft points alike. When you purchase your yawara, also sometimes called a kubotan, you should watch some videos regarding how to use it and practice.

However, if you are going to practice, make sure that you do not accidentally hurt yourself or someone else. The best way to do this is to practice the moves very slowly. Your body will still be developing the muscle memory to carry it out effectively when the time comes, but you greatly reduce the chance of injury for yourself and anyone that you are learning self-defense techniques with.


You may want a kubotan that you can take with you, such as on a keychain. If you do this, it is important that you practice using it while on the key ring. Otherwise, it will not have the same feel when you actually have to use it. Also, once you have become comfortable with the moves and techniques associated with using a yawara stick for self defense, you should practice your skills at least once per week. Otherwise, you may become stale and forget what to do when the time comes.

When you are looking at your choices for tactical defense tools, read about the construction process and materials of your options. Consider your daily affairs and the style that would allow you to keep it with you most easily. Also, will you want one to keep in your vehicle or some other regular location in addition to the one that you carry?

You may end up trying more than one type before you find the one that most suits you. The size, weight, and construction can all influence which one will feel right in your hand. Do not be afraid to experiment with them until you find your favorite. You can always use the others as back up devices at other locations, such as tucked into your bathroom drawer.

Safety is something that everyone should think about and take measures to implement. You can raise your level of self defense by buying and learning how to use a yawara, or kubotan. Make certain that you understand the laws where you live regarding the type you can own.

Both the tactical pen and the kubotan can be ordered and shipped to anywhere in the US so as long as you are in the United States, you can have one of these.