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You can now deter robbery, theft, and vandalism. You see them in stores all the time. It's very rare for a store nowadays to not have any type of security camera system. You may also be surprised to learn that a number of domes you see in popular stores are not even real.

But, they look just like real ones. Stores do this to reduce cost but still make criminals believe they are being watched. Quite effective.

Your home can benefit from these fake security cameras.

If you were a burglar and saw one of these but didn't know it was fake, would you still try to steal from that place? Probably not. You'd most likely find a home or business that didn't have any surveillance.

Dummy Camera Installed in Your RoomA dummy camera is simply a real security camera that doesn't have the electronics inside. However, the trespasser, burglar or criminal doesn't know that.

All of these decoys include a blinking red LED and operate on batteries. There are some with a housing and also power cables which adds to the realism. These features make them almost exact replicas of the real deals.