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Dummy Cameras

Dummy Cameras Protect Without the High Cost

You can now deter robbery, theft, and vandalism. You see them in stores all the time. It's very rare for a store nowadays to not have any type of security camera system. You may also be surprised to learn that a number of domes you see in popular stores are not even real.

But, they look just like real ones. Stores do this to reduce cost but still make criminals believe they are being watched. Quite effective.

Your home can benefit from these fake surveillance cameras.

If you were a burglar and saw a pretend camera but didn't know it was fake, would you still try to steal from that place? Probably not. You'd most likely find a home or business that didn't have any surveillance.

Dummy Camera Installed in Your RoomA dummy camera is simply a real security camera that doesn't have a camera inside. However, the trespasser, burglar or criminal doesn't know that.

All of these decoys include a blinking red LED and operate on batteries. There are some with a housing and also power cables which adds to the realism. These features make them almost exact replicas of the real deals.

Pretend Surveillance Cameras Really Work

A fake camera is a low cost solution if you're not able to spend the money on a real surveillance cam. Or they can be a cheap way to add on to an existing system. Although these won't catch a criminal, studies have shown that just the presence of visible security measues has prevented crimes like robbery, theft and vandalism.

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How Fake Security Cameras Can Work For Your Business

In this day and age, more and more homes and businesses are making use of security cameras in order to prevent burglaries and other criminal activities. However, the cost of this type of surveillance can be high, especially if you opt for high-grade video imaging and high-tech cameras. There is an alternative solution that is all the rage right now, and that is making use of fake security cameras.

Real Effect

The use of these fake cameras is not near as costly as putting in real ones. And, they are especially beneficial for home residences. No burglar in their right mind is going to see what looks like a surveillance camera and then continue to break into your home. They are going to make an instant decision to back off and find a different home to target.

Appear More Protected

Another way this works great is by using both the real and fake cameras for your business. Increasing security with more cameras deters theft, and your loss prevention efforts will pay off. What you would do is put the actual cameras in spots where the extra security and imaging is greatly needed. Instead of paying thousands more for more of them, you can purchase some inexpensive fake ones to be spread out throughout your business as well. This way your business looks like it is under heavy surveillance at a much lesser price. And, you still have the actual surveillance going on in the spots in which you need it badly.

Made from Actual Casings

You don’t have to worry about people figuring out these aren't real. You are the only one that is going to know. They look exactly like real surveillance cameras, and they even have a flashing light that signals that the camera is recording. Of course it isn’t recording, but again they are just like the real deal down to the smallest details.

Just as with regular security cameras, there are also different models of fake ones that you can purchase. And again, one of the greatest things about these is the price. Whether or not you have a home security system, think about the cost and monitoring of such an installation and service. It can be expensive. Furthermore, a dummy cam appears even more threatening to potential intruders than does the security system.

Quick Installation

Fake security cameras are easily installed. Watch the reaction of neighbors and other people that come into contact with your home. They are going to think you just got really serious about home security. Of course you actually did, but just a little differently than they are suspecting. For such a low cost to perimeter defense, it really makes all the difference.

When purchasing, think about where you want them placed around your home. Decide how many you need and watch the savings roll in as you make sure your family and home are protected. There is no expensive wiring or anything, and the flashing light comes on by way of batteries.

Peace of Mind

Feel a little better about security. Installing one or more of these at a cheap cost will save you money and improve your perimeter.