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Self Defense and Security Blog
ittle-Known Facts About TASER Devices

Little-Known Facts About TASER Devices

Lesser-Known Facts About TASER Devices: What You Need to Know TASER devices are widely recognized as effective non-lethal self-defense tools, but there are several intriguing aspects of these devices that many people are unaware of. Whether you're considering purchasing a TASER or are simply interested in personal safety, these lesser-known facts...

Ninja Weapons List

Ninja Weapons: A Comprehensive List of Traditional and Modern Armaments

Ninja weapons, ranging from shurikens to katanas, are an artistic blend of tradition and function that has stood the test of time. These formidable tools were not only effective in battle but also versatile; for instance, the kunai could be used as a climbing aid or for prying apart objects. But what you might not realize is that these weapons also...

Personal Safety and Protection

Personal Safety and Protection: Top Tips and Techniques for Self-Defense

Prioritizing your own safety is an essential step towards overall well-being. By being aware and proactive, you can help deter any potential threats. Interestingly, while physical tools like those available at can be instrumental in this, your mental readiness often plays a more pivotal role than you might realize. Your ability to think...

Are Throwing Knives Effective for Self Defense?

How Effective are Throwing Knives for Self Defense?

Throwing knives can indeed be useful for self-defense. They come in various designs like blade-heavy, handle-heavy, and balanced types, each serving different throwing styles and providing options that fit individual techniques. However, while they may seem like an exciting idea inspired by action movies, their practical effectiveness highly depends on...

Safety Tips for Women Living Alone

Women Living Alone: Top Safety Tips for Personal Security

Safety is not accidental; it's a proactive habit. Women living alone can significantly enhance security by implementing robust home protection measures, like installing durable locks and investing in a quality security system with cameras and alarms. Notably, the surroundings of their homes also need attention, trimming overgrown bushes and fitting...

How to Stay Safe When Walking Alone at Night

Walking Alone at Night: 10 Essential Safety Tips for Urban Areas

Safety while traversing the concrete jungle's labyrinth of streets at night acknowledges an inherent risk. Street crime, harassment, and insufficient immediate aid heighten the threat level during these precarious hours of darkness. However, arming yourself with the correct balance of vigilance and precautionary methods can beautifully transform this...

Bear Mace vs Pepper Spray

Bear Mace vs Pepper Spray

Bear mace, compared to pepper spray, is a stronger concoction crafted with more stinging ingredients. This fierce blend gives it the muscle to shoo away even mighty bears. However, this doesn't mean pepper spray is feeble-it's just designed with humans in mind, and it still packs a punch but in lower doses. The surprises don't stop at their strength...

Personal Protection Devices for Women

Personal Protection Devices for Women

We've been in the personal protection business for over two decades now and know a thing or two about the top choices ladies can carry to ensure their safety. This short list below identifies what we believe are the best self defense weapons for women available in the market for non-lethal weapons. Protection Weapons for Women First up is the...

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