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Wired Spy Camera Kit

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This wired spy camera comes with everything you need to make your kit. You get the 9-volt power supply and a 65-foot cable to connect it to your viewing or recording device.

Mini Spy Cam

Not your typical board camera. This camera and the circuit board is enclosed in a protective casing. The camera features low power consumption and also has RCA connections for compatibility with anything that accepts an RCA input.

This spy camera kit will fit just about anywhere!

Just attach the all-in-one video and power cable and run it to your TV, computer or recording device and you're all set.

Comes with power supply and video cable. One of our most popular mini spy cams.

This Wired Spy Kit is easy to set up!

Don't be intimidated or think this is too difficult for you to use. When you receive the spy cam, you will see how easy it is to set up. 

It comes with 65 feet of cable with connectors to easily hook up to your TV, DVR, VCR or even computer.

No audio capabilities.


mini spy cam

power supply

The mini spy cam kit contains:

  • Color camera
  • Power adaptor to plug into wall
  • 65 feet of wire for connecting the camera to your TV, DVR, VCR or PC or MAC Computer (with an RCA input connection).


Image Sensor = 1/3" CMOS
Resolution = 400 lines B&W
Min. Illumination = 1 LUX Color
Current Consumption = 26 mA Max
Lens = 6mm
Power Required = 9 Volts

The floor is yours!

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