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Why Install a Home Security System

Below is a story from one of our employee's. Her home and family were burglarized, and here is what happened in her own words:

Sneaking off with the loot!I couldn't believe I had been robbed. Worst of all, my husband was home upstairs sleeping. You never think it could happen to you especially when your 6’ 4’, 300lb husband is home. Even worse than that, just a few days before the robbery, I purchased an alarm security system. It was the Wireless Home Security System.

The alarm and extra sensors were actually sitting on the sofa not even ten feet away from our BIG SCREEN TV that was stolen!

At the time of the robbery in our area, there was a scam going on. What people were doing was going door to door and knocking. If you answered they acted like they were selling magazine subscriptions or something like that. If you did not answer they would go around to the back of the house and kick the door in.

Watch out for Scams

Well, this happened to us. My husband did not answer the door – at the time he was working nights and slept during the day. So, they walked around and broke in through our back door. Fortunately, the TV and remote (let's not forget the remote to the TV) was the only thing they took.

When they kicked the back door in it bounced off the wall and woke my husband up.

Back Door Kicked In

He heard the thud and got up, stood at the top of the stairs and listened. He didn't hear anything else so he went back to sleep. Apparently, they heard him and all they had time to get was the TV. There was a surround sound system, Wii, and Xbox all sitting in the same place as the TV. I am sure had they not heard movement upstairs we would have lost more than the TV.

They proceeded to load our TV into their vehicle, drove through our next door neighbors front yard, who were on their porch, and had the nerve to wave at them while driving off. All the while, the neighbors assumed we knew these people because our vehicle was in our driveway.

Install the Home Security System

It makes me angry to think that if we had just taken the time to install the system, this would not have played out the way it did. If the alarm was installed, the minute they kicked the door in, the alarm would have gone off and my husband would have known what was happening. More than likely, the thieves would have immediately ran, especially since the neighbors were on their porch.

Violated, Helpless, and Fearful

Wireless Home Alarm System

Uninvited Guests

It is one thing to have someone enter your home that you did not invite in, but it is another when they enter your home uninvited and take things that do not belong to them - things that they did not work for. You feel violated, helpless and fearful. Will they come back? What will they do or take next time?

That night my husband installed the alarm and I have not had a problem since the robbery in 2010. Living in a two-story home it is not always easy to hear what is going on downstairs. Now I go to bed at night with a sense of security that if someone enters my home we will know and have time to act accordingly. Recently, my oldest daughter has moved to a bedroom downstairs and we also use the alarm to make sure her boyfriend doesn't sneak in!