High Hand Poker Steel Throwing Cards

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A royal flush in poker means you are the winner! With no bluffing, these metal cards are top of their game and will stick pretty much anywhere you throw them.


These are not traditional ninja throwing stars, that’s for sure, but they are just as formidable! Each one of these 3 1/2" x 2 1/4", slim profile throwing cards features sharp edges all the way around that will really stick in your target. This set features the traditional high cards from the Spades Suit as the design in the center.

Royal Flush Throwing Cards (stars)

Set of 5 throwing cards. Each one is stainless steel and is the same size as an actual playing card. Sharp edge all around. Spade or Hearts royal flush printed on cards.

Royal Flush Throwing Cards

Weaponized poker throwing cards are similar to throwing knives or the more popular shurikens and have sharp blades on all sides. Give these a try and surprise everyone with your new skill.

Aces High Throwing Card Set

Set of 4 Cards that includes a carrying case. Having an ace up your sleeve takes on a whole new meaning with this winning poker hand. Similar in size to actual playing cards.

The product was exactly as pictured and came In a cute carrying case. Love it!!

Love the way they look, fit in wallet, and are very easy to learn to throw with speed and accuracy. Literally took me 1-2 hours to hit my target from over 20 ft away and was able to throw any way I wanted. I do suggest starting out doing over head and down (12 to 6) throwing to get a feel and easily stick to target. Once confident, you can mix it up!

These are great sturdy, sharp cards. I only use these for display purposes. The print on them are nice. Just looks like playing cards. One sided print!
shipping was fast. Will purchase from site again.
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