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The Stun Master MultiGuard 3 in 1 multi function stun gun boasts 20 Million volts of kick butt stopping power. Integrates an alarm and a high powered flashlight.

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80 Million volts of kick-butt stopping power. This puppy will stop someone dead in their tracks and put them on the ground. No other stun gun has this kind of knock down power.

The MultiGuard delivers super powered protection with cutting edge micro-technology.

Stun Master Multi-Guard rechargeable stun gun features:

  • 80 million volts
  • Super bright LED flashlight
  • Great Grip Rubberized Coating
  • Alarm - 120dB
  • 5.25” x 1.75” x 7/8”
  • Holster included

80 Million Volts is a lot of POWER! More than most other stun guns available today.

Stun Master Stun Gun

Between the two shocking probes, there is an LED Flashlight. Unlike other flashlights which just use a small LED on the surface or a group of LED bulbs, a reflecting cup and LED bulb are used in our light. This combination creates a super bright flashlight for use in the dark.

Featuring a super-loud siren to draw attention, you may defuse a dangerous situation before it begins! 

You can also use the blinding 120 lumen light to shine it in someone's face. A bright light to the eyes temporarily blinds them so they can't see. You can then make your move to put them on the ground or just to run away and escape.

Sirens are readily recognized as an emergency call for help. Use the 120dB alarm to draw attention to yourself in the event you are attacked or in a situation where you feel your life is threatened.

Rechargeable built-in charging prongs plug right into a wall socket.

Never needs batteries because it's rechargeable. These batteries have been tested and proven to deliver maximum power for 800 to 1000 recharges.

Stun Master stun guns are powerful and inexpensive. TBOTECH has been selling Stun Master brand since it's inception in the year 2000. Stun Master stun devices have withstood the test of time which cannot be said for most of the competition on the market today. Stun Master is one of the most trusted and reliable brands on the market. They come with a Life-Time Warranty.

  • The sight and sound of a stun gun going off is usually enough to SCARE an attacker
  • Stun Guns REPEL your attacker with high voltage yet low amperage shock
  • You can NOT be SHOCKED even if you are touching the attacker
  • Be more SECURE knowing you can protect yourself

The electrifying stun feature operates with the flashlight or siren on.

This handheld electronic weapon has high stopping power! If price is your main concern, then this brand is for you. Low price and high stopping power, the StunMaster offers the best of both worlds.

Stun Master Stun Guns

People usually think it is the high voltage that stops an attacker. This is inaccurate! Voltage doesn't hurt anyone—it's amperage. One amp will kill someone. This model has 4.8 milliamps, more than enough to incapacitate an attacker without doing any permanent damage.

This self defense weapon is small—just over 5 inches tall. It is equipped with a safety switch and wrist strap and is covered by a lifetime warranty. It provides non-lethal self-defense to aid in your personal protection.

Some states have restrictions on Stun Devices. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

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very powerful and makes me feel safe
Kathie B.
Verified purchase
It's a multifunctional stun gun. This stun gun, has a loud screamer personal alarm, and a very bright, blinding flashlight.
This stun gun doesn't come with pepper spray. I wish it did, then this multifunctional stun gun would be complete!????
Bought for granddaughters as part of their graduation present, I wanted them to have protection, as they venture out on their own life's path!!!
Fast delivery. Will definitely get the job done if ever needed.

Feel a little safer with it.
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