Spy Gear / Cams

Conduct your own black ops with any of this high tech spy gear. You can walk around conducting your covert op while blending right in.

Millions of people walk around with these things every day. Some of us may think they're silly, but you certainly won't be out of place by having one on your ear. You could even pretend you're talking to someone so other people will leave you alone.

Real Spy Gadgets You Can Use!

You can find the smallest spy camera designs here. The mini wireless can be placed pretty much anywhere with a very low profile. This one is also great as a bike or helmet cam.

Manufacturers are able to put a Micro Spy Camera in a lot of different things. Since technology improves, things get smaller and cheaper. A regular civilian could never afford such products not so long ago and now DIY spy gear is mainstream and affordable enough for anyone.

And we didn't forget about phone recorders either. These have also become more versatile since there are so many things these can do besides just being able to record a conversation.

Whether you have a touch of the voyeur or simply want to keep an eye on your property when you can't be around, spy and surveillance technology is a great way to know who is doing what in your abode. Thanks to micro-technology and digital media, more and more people can easily use and access surveillance on their property. This means you can actually find out if you have unwanted visitors when you are away, instead of just feeling like something is not right. Take back your security, and get the products you need to keep your castle free from invaders.

Spy and Surveillance Gear

Motion Detection PhoneSpy and surveillance products can include a motion detection phone that actually automatically starts recording sounds when it is triggered by external stimuli while you are gone. This means that you can listen to anyone from an intruder to your kids when they walk in the door of your home. This item calls the number that you input in it, which means you could be on a business trip hundreds of miles away, and if motion sets off the phone, you will get a call from this device and can listen in to everything that is happening in your house.

If cameras are more your style, you can enjoy a camera that uses an SD memory card that will save and allow you to watch everything that took place while you were gone. Since this uses wireless technology, this means these devices are much harder for people to detect. Our line of gear includes a Desk Clock DVR with a hidden camera, a keychain digital camera, a mini wireless spy camera and even spy sunglasses that let you watch what is going on behind you at every moment. Whether you simply enjoy cloak-and-dagger or just want to stay informed, we have the gear for you.

One of the nice things about the availability of the internet is that you can actually see your camera images from afar and in real time by viewing it over the internet. Software can allow you to upload your spy camera images from another computer, and see exactly what is taking place while you are away. You can record these images permanently on your hard drive, as well, which means that you will have documented evidence if needed. By using cameras, you get a real picture of the safety of your home and can keep an eye on your family.

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