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Walkers and joggers need a special running pepper spray. The velcro-like strap keeps it in your hand during your exercise.


Walkers and joggers need a special running pepper spray. The velcro-like strap keeps it in your hand during your exercise. You get about 20 short blasts of hot pepper spray that shoots out up to 12 feet.

Jogger OC SprayKeep a would-be attacker at a distance from you while you aim for the face. Once the OC pepper spray gets on them, it's all over. They will want nothing more than to be able to see and breathe again.

This Hot Pink Jogger model is ideal for keeping pepper spray freely in-hand while actively walking or running. The adjustable hand strap provides a comfortable fit and can be easily removed, providing all of the same features and benefits of a spray with the attached key chain and belt clip.

The flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge while the finger grip dispenser makes it easy to aim.

This model is also available in a black case.

I got an email from a reader who became concerned about safety when a neighbor was attacked on an evening jog.
This lady jogs the beach every day after work around 6 pm. Up until the time change it was always light outside during her run.
The other night she made her way down to the beach, turned on the iPod and started her 2-mile route. So it was dark, she had earphones in, the music cranked up, and no one was around...or so she thought.
During her cool-down, a man grabbed her from behind and tried to force her to the ground. She never even heard him coming.
Luckily she was able to fight him off and run for help.
I immediately suggested the Mace Jogger Model Pepper Spray. It has a hand strap that is easy to hold while running. Just point the spray at an attacker's face and shoot!

Safety Precautions for Joggers

If you are interested in an affordable way to get cardiovascular exercise regularly, then you have probably considered jogging. This form of fitness routine does not take a great deal of cash, yet it can provide amazing benefits for your entire body. However, if you are going to take up jogging in order to increase your fitness routine, you need to make sure that you pay attention to safety. Otherwise, you could end up being hurt. There are a few different precautions that you can easily take that will help you to feel safer and allow you to have a better experience while you are practicing good health behaviors.

If you are going to be jogging out in public, you should certainly take pepper spray along with you every single time that you are out. Unfortunately, there are predators out there who look for people that they can catch unaware and unprepared. Jogger pepper spray is a great tool in your preparedness kit for the various situations that you may encounter while you are out jogging. However, simply having it with you is not enough.

Many people make the mistake of keeping their pepper spray in a carrying device that is difficult to access. If you have to grab the spray from somewhere, undo a clip or button, position it properly in your hand, and then engage it, you have lost way too much time. Not only that, if the potential attacker can see the location of it dangling from your accessories, they may attempt to grab it first.

You should also make sure that you have your phone with you and easy to grab. While you may not want to talk during the time you are jogging, you need to be able to call for help should you or someone else you encounter along the way require medical or other professional assistance. You can always turn the ringer off while you are jogging. This way, you will not be disturbed during your workout routine but will still have easy access to nine eleven services in your community.

If you are interested in jogging for your health, good for you! It is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping and keep your entire body feeling energized. Make sure that you remember important safety precautions before you leave your home each time, including having a charged cell phone and pepper spray.

The floor is yours!

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