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Pool Alarm

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The Pool Protector Pool Alarm is an electronic monitor that will alert you when someone falls in or otherwise disturbs the water.

The Pool Alarm is an electronic monitor that will alert you when someone falls into the pool when no one is around.

The monitor is equipped with the sensor for the poolside and the alarm unit inside your home. If someone, or even your pet, falls into the pool, the alarm will sound both at the poolside and inside your house.

Pool Alarm Monitor

Once installed, the Pool Alarm cannot be deactivated, so it will always be armed and ready. You can switch it to "sleep mode" for while you are swimming. It will reactive on its own when it knows there is no movement in the water. If the alarm is tampered with by someone who does not know how to switch to the sleep mode or someone who may try to remove the unit - the alarm will sound.

Installation and operation are very easy. The sensor unit attaches to the side of the deck or patio (as shown in picture), the remote receiver is mounted easily inside the home, and with the press of a button, the alarm is activated.

Operates on two 9-volt batteries (not included). The remote receiver, which has a 200-foot range from the sensor, comes with a 12-volt power supply. There is an audible low battery indicator that will beep on the sensor unit, as well as the receiver unit.

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Pool Alarm - Pool Protector

The pool alarm mounts right to the deck/patio

IMPORTANT: The Pool Protector Pool alarm is not intended to be used as a life-saving device. This device is also not intended to replace any other safety consideration, adult supervision, lifeguards, fences, gates, covers, locks, etc., and may not detect gradual entry into the water.

Protect Your Pets and Children from Pool Accidents

More than 900 children between 1 and 14 die each year in drowning accidents. In California, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years of age.

But, do you really need these statistics to convince you to do everything you can to prevent this from happening to your child or grandchild?

The SafeFamilyLife™ Pool Alarm (not to be confused with the brand Poolguard™) is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds a 100 dB alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool. It's portable, self-contained and lightweight. The unit is simple to operate. Entry into the water will be detected by the Alarm's electronic sensor, triggering a loud pulsating siren at the unit and inside your house from the remote receiver.

This is not something you need just during the summer months.

Among children ages 1 to 4 years, most drownings occur in residential swimming pools. Most young children who drowned were last seen in the home, had been out of sight less than five minutes, and were in the care of one or both parents at the time. The pool does not disappear when summer is over and not all of them get covered for the winter. You can use this year round.

Installation is very easy. It sits on the deck as shown in the picture.

After you install the SafeFamilyLife™ Pool Alarm, it can't be de-activated; it is always in the alarm ready mode until you put it in Sleep Mode.

If someone who does not know how to put the monitor in sleep mode attempts to remove the device, it will sound a 100 dB alarm.

The SafeFamilyLife™ Pool Alarm comes with a remote receiver which can be mounted in your home up to 200 feet from the main unit. It comes with a 12-volt power supply.

Uses two 9-volt batteries (not included) which should last approximately one year.

There is an audible low battery indicator which will sound at the poolside unit and the remote receiver.

Your Pool Alarm Can Be Valuable In Many Ways

There are so many ways that one of these can help you with your personal home protection program that it is impossible to imagine a pool without one. It can:

  • Protect Your Family
  • Protect Your Home
  • Prevent Unwanted Visitors
  • Alert Your Neighbors To Possible Trouble

The most common kind of pool alarm is one that is installed along the edge of the sides and has its sensitivity adjusted to detect when the water level changes. It is important to remember that it can detect when the water level rises and falls. That means that if you spring a leak, your alarm can let you know. With some inground designs, leaking pipes can cause a lot of damage if they are not caught in time. The alarm can let you know if the water drops, or it can let your neighbors know that your water level is dropping so that they can contact you.

Another function is to discourage unwanted swimmers from using your water late at night or when you are not home. When someone tries to get in when you are not home, the alarm will let your neighbors know that something is wrong. If an unwanted guest tries to take a midnight swim, then the alarm will wake you and let you know.

Any homeowner that does not take every precaution possible to keep out unwanted visitors could be facing problems. Even though the visitor was not invited, if something happens to him while he is on your property, then you could be liable. An alert is your way of discouraging unwanted guests and keeping your pool safe.

The pool alarm can also let you know when your kids are swimming when they are not supposed to be. This is especially helpful if you have very small children who wander out of your sight and decide to try and go for a swim. As long as it is activated, you will always know when someone is in your pool that should not be and you can take appropriate action.

Owning a pool is fun, but it is also a responsibility. In order to help keep unwanted people out and alert you when there could be trouble, you need to invest in one of these. Installing one should be just as important as installing a good filtration system.


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