Dog and Bear Repellents

Animal repellents are used to prevent confrontations with animals such as canines or bears. People can confront aggressive canines in their everyday life while walking or jogging. While out in the wilderness, bears are always a concern as they can be protecting their young.

Dog Defense Tools

The most common animal repellent is dog repellent. Every day, people are accosted by dogs that have gotten loose off their chains or were never secured at all. The canine may be responding to what he or she thinks is an invasion of its territory or the dog may feel threatened in some other way.

Animal Repellents Save Lives

Getting away from a dog or even a bear is not accomplished by running away. You will only be overrun and the animal will have its way with you.

Threatened dogs will often bite no matter what their breed or size. This occurs most often for delivery people. The opportunity for an animal attack is greater due to the nature of your job. Check with your department on their policies for carrying dog defense tools.

Bear encounters can be even more dangerous. Because of their massive size, it is very easy for a bear to overpower a person and seriously injure or even kill them. Usually bears attack when they are surprised or are protecting their young. Carrying a bear repellent on all your trips while in bear country is just common sense and should be a permanent item on your packing list. Keep your bear spray in the holster on your side for easy and fast access when you need it.

The Best Bear Repellents for Your Home or Campsite

Living near or camping in bear habitats can be a stressful experience if you don’t have the proper protections in place. Bear repellents are an important tool for keeping bears away from your home and campsite.

Combine Bear Repellents with Other Risk-Reducing Tactics for Maximum Safety and Protection from Bears

Bear repellents are just one tool for reducing the risk of an unwanted bear encounter. Other important tactics include camping and trekking in groups of three or more, storing food and other scented items securely away from your campsite, and maintaining a clean campground. By combining these risk-reducing tactics with the use of some or all of the available bear repellents on the market, you’ll have peace of mind and maximum protection while living near or camping in bear habitats.

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This Dog Repeller produces a discomforting but not harmful, high-frequency sound to unwanted approaching dogs. This ultrasonic repeller deters an animal's approach!
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