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Small Neck Knife

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A tactical knife that is ready when you are. Small, sharp and goes where you go.

Having something to cut with at all times is a smart idea. It's one product that is on top of most everyone's EDC (Every Day Carry) items. You never know when you need to open something, cut something, slice something, or have a weapon you can use for self defense.

This compact travel knife is small and comes with a sheath that is custom formed to each blade for a safe and secure fit. They are made of 420 Stainless steel with a black finish. Measures 3 3/8" x 1 1/8". Blade length 1 1/2".

The nylon lanyard can be used to hang on a pack or from a belt loop. You can replace the lanyard with a longer cord or necklace to wear around your neck.

Great for backpacking and bushcraft, this small knife will do the job.

Neck Knife

These small blades can be worn as a necklace ensuring you have a cutting tool with you at all times. Referred to as a neck knife, it's quickly available for you to grab and employ if ever a need arises.

While you won't be able to go through a security scanner with it, you will be able to conceal your blade so it's not out in the open. No sense in telegraphing your capabilities to everyone. With such a small length, a fixed blade neck knife like this is legal just about everywhere since it is below the threshold of most state laws governing size.

Necker Knife

Small, portable, comes with a leather safety sheath - easy to handle. The cord handle could be just slightly longer (I would leave a 4-star rating here, but the site is not allowing me to click on the stars.)
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