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Motion Alarm and Chime

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This motion activated alarm and chime will detect intruders through its passive infrared sensor (PIR). Use in either alarm or chime mode.

This totally wireless and easy to install PIR motion sensor with 120dB Alarm with strobe light and door chime is ideal for protection your home, office, and store. It can be placed on a table or hung on the wall with the included adjustable mounting bracket.

The motion alarm and chime will detect motion from up to 30 feet away with 120-degree wide swath. If not disarmed by the owner using the remote control, it will respond with an ear piercing 120 dB alarm and the flashing light which will scare off the intruder and alert others to your need of help.

This alarm/door chime is packaged with features. You may select either alarm or door chime mode by simply holding the remote button for 3 seconds. Entry and exit delays with LED indicators for alarm mode only. The alarm will sound for approximately 35 seconds and then reset unless more motion is detected.

The alarm also allows you to set your own programmable codes for additional security. You never have to worry about the batteries being dead-even though the unit comes with a low battery indicator- since the unit can be powered by a 9v AC adapter that is not included.

A switch on the side of the strobe light allows the light to remain on and be used for emergency lighting during a power outage. Ideal security for a home, retail store, office, dorm room, or hotel room. This unit comes with one IR remote control. The alarm/door chime requires one 9 volt battery and 4 AA batteries that are not included.

Strobe Security System

  • Alarm mode utilizes 120 dB loud siren and bright flashing strobe light
  • Chime mode utilizes pleasant two-tone ding-dong
  • Use as customer announcing chime during the day and security alarm at night
  • 110-degree PIR sensor range
  • Side switch allows you to use strobe light as emergency lighting
  • 10-second entry & exit delays with LED indicators
  • Measures 6.25" high, 2.5" wide, 2.0" deep
  • Alarm/Chime requires (1) one 9-volt and (4) four AA batteries (not included, see Accessories)
  • Includes fully adjustable mounting bracket
  • Includes one (1) 12-volt battery for the remote

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