Brutus Self Defense Keychain

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When your life is in danger, use whatever means necessary to protect yourself - including a Keychain Knife!

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Brutus Self Defense Keychain

When your life is in danger, use whatever means necessary to protect yourself - including the Brutus Self Defense Keychain!

Key Features

  • Stylish Accessory: Fits on a keyring and is available in several colors including black, pink, purple, and neon yellow.
  • Durable Construction: Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic, as strong as metal.
  • Effective Design: The eyeholes fit most fingers, and the pointed "ears" deliver a powerful jab.
  • Non-Metal: Won’t set off metal detectors, making it easy to carry anywhere.

Reliable and Effective

The Brutus Self Defense Keychain is crafted from tough, durable plastic, ensuring it won’t slip through your fingers. Its design allows for a tight hold, making it more effective than using regular keys for self-defense. The pointed "ears" rest on top of the fingers, providing a powerful jab that will inflict pain on an attacker.

Convenient and Discreet

One of the standout features of the Brutus Self Defense Keychain is its ability to pass through metal detectors unnoticed. This makes it a convenient and discreet option for personal safety. Whether you’re walking through a busy urban area or navigating through unfamiliar places, Brutus is your reliable companion for self-defense.

Easy to Use

Using the Brutus Self Defense Keychain is simple. Slip your fingers through the eyes of Brutus, and the tips of his ears transform into pointed jabbers. This design ensures that you can protect yourself quickly and effectively in any situation.

Empower Yourself

Don’t rely on traditional keys for self-defense. The Brutus Self Defense Keychain offers a more effective and reliable option. Attach it to your keyring and carry it with you wherever you go. With Brutus, you can walk with confidence, knowing you have a powerful tool to protect yourself.

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anna weise
its plastic.... and not very sharp
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