Door Security

You count on the entrance to your home or apartment being secure. When you come home and close the door, you leave the rest of the world outside. You feel safe and sound inside and leave your worries and cares behind.

Did you know that a burglar can get into a non-deadbolted door with a credit card in less than 10 seconds?

That's all it takes to get inside! Your neighbors won't even have the opportunity to see the person but for a few seconds. And once they're inside, they close it and do what they want. Rummaging through your things, taking what they like, and leaving a mess of the things that aren't valuable to them.

If you're home when this happens, that doesn't give you much time to react. They can be in your home without warning and you'll be scrambling to find something to protect yourself with while trying to dial 911 at the same time. If this intruder came ready to attack or even kill anyone inside, you'll be at a deadly disadvantage.

Shoring up the defenses, so to speak, are what these products will help you do. With door security devices that actually prevent the door from opening and loud alarms that will let you know someone is trying to break in, you have options.

Your door home security is critical in today's world. With the rash of home invasions and simple break-ins to steal your stuff, you need to up your game a bit and take action to help protect you and your family.

The products you see on this page are very effective at what they do and they won't break the bank. You can choose from physical door stoppers like the steel brace or simple alarms that let you know that someone just touched the outside doorknob. This extra time you gain by installing these devices can literally mean the difference between life and death.

It means you don't have to worry about someone breaking in the door without you being aware of it.

If you need to stop a door from opening or just be alerted when one is opened, these products will do that for you. Helpful against burglary but also for knowing if your toddler is escaping.