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Collapsible Baton

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Collapsible Steel Baton

One of our best selling products is the collapsible baton. It is manufactured into three sections that collapse into each other when closed and extend out to form a single solid shaft when opened.

This self defense product can be used as both a defensive and an offensive weapon and delivers debilitating blows against someone when struck. It can be used to deflect and attacker's attempts to strike you and is even more useful when confronted someone with another weapon such as a club or knife.

The Steel Collapsible Baton

Collapsible Baton in Three Sizes

It comes in three different sizes: 16 inch, 21 inch, and 26 inch versions. The 21 inch size is the most common as this is just about the perfect length for an average person. If you are tall, say over 6 foot, then the longer baton may be better for you. And if you are on the short side, the sixteen inch version may be easier for you to handle and wield.

This extends with just a flick. Just swing it straight down and it will open up to it's full length in a fraction of a second. It is ready to use immediately and will help you to defend yourself against attack and provide for an offensive capability as well.

Accessories for the Collapsible Baton

You can also get a flashlight attachment for the three section baton. It is an LED light that replaces the end cap and provides illumination if and when you need it. Shining a light in someone's eyes may also give you a temporary advantage. This momentary blindness can be exactly what you need to land that perfect strike.

Collapsible Baton Window Breaker

There is a replacement end cap you can get that acts as a glass breaker. It has a focused point at the end that shatters a car window with one whack. Aim a few inches from the corner of the window and hit it with the end of your baton.

You can only have one of these accessories on the end at one time so you'll need to decide which one to put on before you head out. Either will you an added benefit and capability depending on your need.


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