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Elevate your peace of mind with our cutting-edge bulletproof backpack insert, blending seamlessly into your daily carry without the bulk. Experience unmatched security in a sleek, unassuming design, making safety a seamless part of your every day.

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A backpack bulletproof insert is a lightweight, protective panel designed to be easily placed inside backpacks, providing a discreet layer of ballistic resistance against gunfire. Engineered for both safety and convenience, it's an ideal accessory for individuals seeking an additional measure of security in public spaces without altering the appearance or functionality of their backpack.

Bulletproof Insert for Backpack

Our enhanced Rear Guard Ballistic Shield Backpack Inserts are now manufactured within the United States! They possess a reduced thickness and lighter weight compared to similar panels that are brought in from China. These highly tested, thinner and lighter inserts meet the bulletproof standards of NIJ level 3A, which makes them an ideal selection for individuals seeking everyday personal protection.

What does the term "Rear Guard" refer to?

As defined by Webster's Dictionary, Rear Guard pertains to the individuals positioned at the back of a group to safeguard it from assault, primarily in situations involving withdrawal. Even though the majority of us are unlikely to experience a conventional battleground scenario, regrettably, our educational institutions, workplaces, music events, and other public establishments periodically transform into zones of conflict that necessitate our readiness to adopt defensive measures. It is widely recognized that promptly escaping upon detecting an active shooter is common knowledge for all. The Rear-Guard Ballistic Shield Backpack Insert offered by Streetwise Security Products ensures your safety while making a tactical withdrawal. In situations where escape is not feasible, the backpack can be detached and positioned as a protective shield in front of you.

Can I be assured of genuine protection?

By incorporating the Streetwise Rear Guard Backpack Insert into your everyday backpack, laptop case, or handbag, you can promptly transform it into a ballistic shield with the ability to halt the majority of handgun rounds, including 9mm and .44 Magnum. Additionally, it offers defense against sharp or pointed weapons. To back these claims, our inserts have undergone rigorous testing by an unbiased institution in accordance with National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level 3A criteria. Currently, this represents the utmost degree of safeguarding offered for lightweight and pliable body armor.

What are the reasons for not simply purchasing a backpack that is resistant to bullets?

Bullet-resistant backpacks have been available for a number of years. Despite their high cost, they do provide considerable protection. The issue lies in the fact that not everyone has a preference for carrying a simple black backpack. Every child possesses an individual manner and preference (similar to their musical taste), and they are not particularly fond of the standardized approach towards backpacks. Instead of discarding beloved backpacks that our children adore and purchasing costly, nondescript bulletproof backpacks that they wouldn't be enthusiastic about carrying, our Rear-Guard insert can transform their existing backpack into a protective shield at approximately half the expense! Our insert has a maximum usability span of seven years, allowing for effortless removal and transfer to new backpacks when their current ones become worn out or when personal style preferences change.

What materials is it composed of and is it convenient to transport?

In contrast to the cumbersome and inflexible metal pieces utilized previously, our Rear-Guard insert is exceptionally pliable and lightweight, rendering it virtually imperceptible when being carried. Constructed from an advanced substance called Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), this insert possesses remarkable flexibility, allowing it to effortlessly conform to its surroundings. Due to the absence of any metallic components in our insert, it is considered airport and TSA compliant, guaranteeing the safety and security of you and your family during your travels.

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