3 Point Throwing Star

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Uniquely designed 3 point shuriken.

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Practice your shuriken throwing technique with our 4", 3 Point Black Throwing Star with pouch.

3-Point Throwing Star

Using a variety of throwing stars to perfect your skills helps you master this dark ninja art. With the 3-point throwing star, you have another option to add to your arsenal of ninja weapons.

The unique design has a central circular overlay on top of the base shuriken that adds three additional small pointed protrusions in between the main points of the ninja star. This adds a little fancy flair to this part of your collection.

When you receive this product, you will also get a nylon carrying case with a belt loop that you can use for carrying it around.

Made by Aeroblades, this top-notch piece is right up there with other types of shuriken produced by this manufacturer of stars.

Weight: 0.7 ounces

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