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Dog Pepper Spray

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EPA approved Muzzle dog repellent provides safe, effective and humane protection against canine attack. Canine repellent is ideal protection for walkers, joggers, cyclists, or delivery people.

Dog Pepper Spray stops an attack and forces them to retreat.

Dog Pepper SprayKeep one with you whenever you're out and you won't have to worry about any aggressive canines.

Mace brand Muzzle canine repellent is an excellent product for defending against attacking dogs. This specially formulated pepper spray is designed specifically for these animals and has been proven to be effective in aggressive encounters.

A blast of this spray will immediately stop him in his tracks!

The irritating spray will overpower the animal and he will start doing the face grass rub. This is where he skids along the ground with his face in the grass.

If you jog or take walks, then you should carry this with you. It is lightweight, easily accessible, and will provide fast protection when you need it most.

Pepper Spray for Dogs

  • Features flip-top safety cap.
  • 14 gram unit sprays up to 10 feet.
  • Contains 10 one second bursts.

Mace Muzzle K9 Spray Pattern

Mace Muzzle Animal Attack Defense Spray comes in a specific EPA-Approved formula for effective and humane defense against canine aggression. Whether you're jogging, riding your bike, walking your animal, hiking or camping, Muzzle defense spray is the ideal deterrent for fending off animal attacks.

This Mace Muzzle K9 Personal model features the original Mace Flip & Grip design for safe and fumble-free defense.

The flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge while the finger grip dispenser makes it easy to aim. Additionally, its key chain and belt clip make it easy to always carry with you. Essential gear for postal and delivery or any outdoor service personnel.

You can safely DEFEND YOURSELF when threatened with an aggressive encounter with the effective power of Mace Muzzle K9 Spray Formula… Just spray and get away!


Here's a testimonial from a customer who effectively used his dog pepper spray:

Dear TBO,

I ride a bicycle by choice. Unfortunately, the areas I usually ride through have an unusual number of large, aggressive, roaming dogs. The adrenaline rush I get from confronting and successfully intimidating these large animals is a bit much for a 54 year old guy. It just ruins my day. I've been concerned that sooner, or later, I would get mauled.

So I bought some muzzle spray from you. Today, on my ride home from a nice meatloaf dinner, a large black cur who never fails to charge me developed a sudden interest in running on 3 paws, while using his remaining paw to frantically swipe at his eye. That wasn't good enough, so he quickly buried the side of his face in the dirt at the edge of the road. That didn't cut it, so it was a quick 3-legged dash/rub-rub into the yard to do some serious "face-sledding" on the grass.

The total delay from contact with that little pepper stream, to complete loss of interest in bicycles must have been on the order of 1/4 to 1/2 a second.

Thank You Sincerely for helping me avoid indigestion, as the meatloaf was truly delicious.

Thanks Again, Brent Farwick

Would prefer the spray had more distance.
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