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James Bond has the government budget at his disposal. Batman has Bruce Wayne’s fortune to rely on. But ordinary mortals like us don’t have huge bank accounts to sponsor our love for spy gadgets. Thus, we need to be a bit more resourceful and create our own. But don’t worry, you won’t need a degree in rocket science to make the gadgets below. All it’s going to take is patience and hard work. You might think those qualities may be difficult to come by, but at least they’re free!

Top Spy Gears for Covert Operations
Secrecy is the ultimate code for spies and special gadgets are required to keep what needs to stay hidden and uncover what needs to be revealed.

#5 Waterproof Clues
Liquid is many a times the death of clues, preventing secret messages to reach its recipient intact. If you want a surefire – pardon the pun – way to deliver your clues, rain or shine, use this waterproof message capsule.

#4 The Ultimate “Lookout” Gadget
James Bond – hail to the god of spies – never needed a lookout because his cool gadgets did all that for him. Now, you have the chance to enjoy the same. Learn how to create a special periscope that will eliminate the need for dangerous head-poking while exploring unknown rooms and walled areas.

#3 Secret Sleeve Pocket
Security checks will have your chest and pants pockets inspected. No one will suspect, however, that you have an extra secret sleeve pocket and within it lies your hidden camera or any other cool gadget.

#2 The Invisible Face Mask

Spies are not known to be masters of disguise for no reason. Blending with the crowd is, in fact, one of the most important skills that spies have to hone. Without a working disguise, nothing you do will be successful.

Reconstruction surgery is, of course, the best way to disguise yourself, but that’s a bit too extreme. Why not go with the next best thing and make yourself seem invisible instead?

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