I may be wrong, but at first blush it seems like this site is run by adults, in the USA, who keep their word. My orders have all been filled seamlessly, quickly and with great merchandise EM Sanders, White Plains, NY

Everything as advertised with prompt service and delivery.

The site was easy to navigate and included a lot of good products. The products I ordered arrived quickly and were carefully packaged. I would definitely order from this site again.

Smooth purchase on this site.

Very customer oriented.

Awesome customer service..easy to contact if problem with an order..great quality products

Great service. Easy to use website.

It is company like yours that make this country a safer/better place.

I’ve ordered from this company twice and have yet to be anything but impressed! 5 stars all around.

Things got a tad screwed up when it came to getting a proper loggin set up (probably my bad, as the kids say:)), but after that, no problems.

Lou S
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