75 Million volt Talon Stun Gun and Flashlight

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Comes in Black or Pink. This powerhouse rides on your belt and is available for immediate action when you need it. 75 Million volts of stopping power!

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Talon Stun Gun

The Talon stun gun offers unparalleled protection with its 75 million volts of supercharged stopping power. Perfectly designed to fit comfortably in your hand, the Talon ensures you’re always prepared to defend yourself.

Powerful and Practical

The Talon stun gun is engineered for both effectiveness and ease of use. Its grip activation feature allows you to instantly deliver a high-voltage shock by simply squeezing the device in your palm. This intuitive design ensures that you can react swiftly in any situation. The Talon’s formidable 75 million volts can incapacitate an attacker, giving you the precious moments needed to escape to safety.

Key Features

  • Voltage: 75 million volts for maximum stopping power.
  • Design: Ergonomically fits in your hand with a secure rubberized coating.
  • Activation: Grip-activated trigger for rapid response.
  • Flashlight: 120-lumen LED flashlight for added visibility and safety.
  • Rechargeable: Includes charging cord for both the stun gun and flashlight.
  • Safety: Comes with a nylon belt loop holster for convenient carrying.
  • Battery: Uses nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries.
  • Dimensions: Measures 3 ¼” x 3 1/8” x 1”.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty for peace of mind.
  • Color Options: Available in black and pink.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience

In addition to its powerful stun capabilities, the Talon stun gun features a built-in 120-lumen flashlight. This bright LED light can temporarily blind an attacker, further enhancing your ability to protect yourself. The device’s rubberized coating ensures a non-slip grip, even in high-stress situations, while the compact design makes it easy to carry in your hand, pocket, or the included nylon belt holster.

Why Choose the Talon Stun Gun?

Choosing the Talon stun gun means choosing a reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use self-defense tool. Its 75 million volts provide a formidable deterrent, and its intuitive design ensures you can respond quickly to threats. Whether you’re walking alone at night or just want peace of mind, the Talon stun gun is your ideal companion for personal safety.

Order your Talon stun gun today and experience the confidence that comes with knowing you have powerful protection at your fingertips.

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