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Sleepwalker Alarm

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Caring for someone who sleepwalks can be worrisome. You never know what they're going to do or where they'll end up. This will safely wake you and the sleepwalker up.


Wakes up the Sleepwalker Immediately!

Caring for someone who sleepwalks can be worrisome. You never know what they're going to do or where they'll end up. It can be dangerous for themselves or others.

One possible solution to stopping the sleepwalking is to wake them up as soon as they try to leave the room. You can do this by hanging a door knob alarm on the outside of the room so that once they grab the knob, the alarm will go off.

This sleepwalker alarm will wake a sleeping person up as soon as they touch the door knob. Even before they leave the room, 120 decibels will wake them up.

Hang on the door and if the sleep walker grabs the door knob, the alarm will sound. It is designed to go off as soon as there is a vibration on the knob (such as when someone grabs the door knob in order to open it.)

Sleepwalker Alarm

Sleepwalker Alarm on Door

-When our daughter was around 3 and 4 years old, we would sometimes find her the next morning in all sorts of places. Under the kitchen table, next to the couch, between the bed and the wall - in a different room! With this alarm in place, we would have been able to wake up with her and put her back in her comfortable bed.

As soon as your sleepwalker touches the door knob, this loud alarm will instanly wake them up!

sleepwalker alarm"Sleepwalking (also called somnambulism or noctambulism ) is aparasomnia or a sleep disorder where the affected person engages in activities that are normally associated with wakefulness while he or she is asleep or in a sleep-like state."

Doctors recommend one of these for patients who sleepwalk. This door knob alarm will wake you or a caregiver as soon as an episode occurs. If you have children who do this, one of these alarms can give you the peace of mind you want.

  • Sounds instantly whenever someone touches the door knob
  • 120db
  • No wiring needed
  • Installs in seconds
  • Operates on all metal door knobs
  • Takes one 9 volt battery

Inexpensive sleepwalking alarm keeps you, your loved ones, or your patient safe!

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