Portable Door Alarm While Traveling

Portable Door Alarms while Traveling

It only takes about 10 seconds for a burglar to get through a basic lock with a credit card.

If you are a deep sleeper or have a hotel room full of valuables, this could leave you waking up to a shocking surprise.

The fact is, you're a traveler. You've got sights to see and adventures to experience. You shouldn't have to worry about pulling an all-nighter to guard your room.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or it's your first time hitting the road you can prevent these mishaps by utilizing a backpacker-friendly portable door alarm.

Wherever your next flight takes you, here are 10 reasons to pack a portable security device for your trip.

1. You're a Solo Traveler

If you are a solo traveler, you're joining nearly half of today's nomad population.

There is no secret that traveling is a grounding experience. Taking that trip alone promotes a level of growth that is nearly impossible to articulate.

You've got no one else to worry about and no one holding you back from doing exactly what you want to do. It's an incredibly freeing time, but sometimes, it can feel unsafe.

There are always plenty of people around during the day, and you often bump into other travelers along the way, but when the night rolls in, resting your eyes in a less-than-secure room isn't always conducive to a good night's sleep. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with solo-travel precautions and utilize your tools.

Door Wedge Alarm and Stopper

Springing up from every little sound leads to an exhausting night. Hang a portable door alarm and sleep more comfortably knowing that if someone tries to enter, you'll be aware, and they will be startled off.

2. You Have Valuables With You

The days of traveling with nothing but a few clothing items are long gone.

These days, we've got mobile devices, laptops, e-books, and maybe even expensive adventuring equipment. It's well known that a traveler is likely hauling around their most precious possessions, if not at least their passport and a chunk of money.

Bringing your valuables is non-negotiable, so instead of being an unguarded treasure chest for thieves, have an alarm system ready.

Tag your doorknob with an alarm to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your belongings.

3. You're Visiting Unsafe Areas

Some of the most amazing stories and experiences come from visiting the less-developed beauties of the world. These countries may be breathtaking, but traveling to them can present certain dangers.

Tourist companies do an amazing job of making us feel welcomed and safe, but there is no lack of horror stories from unexpecting travelers relaxing into an unknown culture.

A lack of locking doors or an active nightlife in your visiting area can make for an unsettling environment. Doorknob alarms are designed to alert you if a door handle has been touched, giving you a heads up for anyone entering without knocking.

You can even pack a portable door jammer and lock your door yourself.

4. You're Traveling on a Budget

Whether you are traveling for work or setting out on a worldwide adventure, budget-friendly traveling can lead you to some less than secure accommodation. If you've ever stayed at a low-cost spot, you are familiar with the lack of security and inexpensive locks.

You're not likely to spend a whole lot of time in your room on your adventure and shelling out the big bucks for fancy hotels just isn't an option. Like many nomads, you have embraces the low-cost options as a traveling lifestyle.

Just because you are traveling on the cheap doesn't mean you need to feel unsafe.

Portable Door Alarm

With budget-friendly travel security, you can set up your own on-the-go door alarms for hotels and sleep soundly.

5. You Don't Have a Local Phone

If you are hopping countries frequently you may have settled into a payphone kind of world. Roaming plans are expensive and picking up a new sim card for a short trip through a bridging country is more of a hassle than a help.

Whatever your reason may be, not having a phone takes away a little sense of security we aren't used to going without. It's more difficult to check in with fellow travel mates and your whereabouts become far less reportable.

Take the pressure off by utilizing safety devices such as personal security alarms. Whether you have a phone with you or not, these devices can make you easier to trace if you get lost.

Couple up your security with door alarms, portable locks, or motion detection devices for peace of mind and a good night's sleep.

6. Your Room Doesn't Have a Deadbolt

If you're a lover of action television, you've likely witnessed how easy characters can get through flimsy chain locks or keycard locks. These tricks may be for entertainment value, but there's no question that burglars have mastered the art of lock-picking.

If your travel accommodation lacks a deadbolt, don't hesitate to utilize your tools and alarms for security.

Entrance Alarm for Your Door

You wouldn't leave your house unlocked when you leave for the day, so why take the chance when you are away from home. Keep your doors locked up tight and your belongings to yourself.

7. You're Living the Van Life

Van life has swept the social media world as one of the best ways to see the world. This growingly popular trend sees more and more travelers sleeping in their vehicles on side roads, beaches, and campgrounds all around the world.

While this is undoubtedly a great way to cover a lot of ground on your travels, the ever-growing presence of van dwellers has caught the eye of burglars as well.

With your whole life packed into one compact little unit, these vehicles are a goldmine for thieves looking to score a few treasures or even drive off with everything you own.

Portable devices are quick and easy to install, even on your campervan doors, and can prevent a devastating return to the parking lot.

8. Peace of Mind

Throwing yourself into a traveling adventure is an intimidating task. Feeling a bit nervous about the trip is a perfectly natural experience, and while many nomads experience a decrease in nerves with each trip, some travelers continue to step out of their comfort zone with every trip.

Being nervous is no reason to give up on your dreams of seeing the world.

There are safety devices designed specifically for travelers to take the pressure off of losing a passport, having your room broken into, or being pickpocketed on your adventure.

Even if you are an experienced traveler and feel pretty comfortable out in the world, portable alarms can give any nomad peace of mind.

Just because it's never happened to you before, doesn't make you invincible. Theft and break-ins are always a possibility, especially when you've been spotted hauling your bags in. Take the stress off your plate and feel more secure knowing that you've set yourself up to prevent mishaps from popping up.

9. You're a Sleepwalker

If you are a sleepwalker or your travel companion has been known to wake up in mysterious places, door alarms are a great option to keep you in.

Sleepwalking is often a startling experience, but walking off into an unknown location while your away from home is actually quite dangerous. Prevent the multitude of circumstances that could ruin your vacation by installing an alarm to wake you up if you or your travel buddy are wandering off.

As soon as the doorknob is touched the device will go off, preventing any unwanted nighttime adventures.

10. They Are Easy to Set up and Small to Pack

Living out of a backpack can really limit the number of items that make your must-have list. From weight restrictions to simply having to fit everything you need into one carry-it-all bag, you can't sacrifice any space for unnecessary items.

Luckily, portable alarms are small, light, and easy to fit for your security needs.

For ease of use, these devices are as simple as hanging it on the doorknob and flicking a switch. It doesn't get much easier than this when it comes to a safer, more secure traveling experience.

Not only are these security systems small and hassle-free, but you can also pick them up for under $15, so even the most frugal backpackers can guard their room and their belongings on the go.

Pick Your Portable Door Alarm

Now that you know when to use a portable door alarm and how simple they are to use, we are confident you'll be safe and secure on your next excursion.

Do you still have questions about using these devices or want to up your safety measures a bit more? Get in touch with us to learn all about your portable door security options and set out into the world of travel with nothing to fear.


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