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You don't have to settle for a bland color that doesn't match anything. Spice it up!

A Personal Pepper Spray is now available in Hot Pink.

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Pepper Spray in Pink - Your Chic and Powerful Safety Companion!

Ladies, it's time to embrace personal safety without compromising on style. Say hello to the Mace Pepper Spray in Pink, the ultimate self-defense accessory designed specifically to empower women like you!

Safety meets fashion with the eye-catching Pink color that adds a touch of elegance to your daily routine. This powerful pepper spray may be pretty in Pink, but it means serious business when it comes to your protection. Its potent OC pepper formulation delivers an incapacitating burst that will leave any potential threat defenseless, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Compact, discreet, and oh-so-stylish, the Pink Pepper Spray fits effortlessly into your hand or attaches seamlessly to your keys with the included keychain. With its quick flip-top safety cap, you can feel confident knowing there's no risk of accidental discharge, leaving you ready to take on the world with poise.

Whether you're a jogger, a night owl, or simply want to add an extra layer of protection to your daily activities, the Mace Pink pepperspray is the perfect choice. This trendy and reliable companion will always be there when you need it most, blending seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Mace Brand Pink Pepper Spray

Mace, a trusted name in individual defense, brings you this fashionable and effective safety solution. Embrace your strength and individuality while feeling secure in any situation.

Let the Mace Personal Pepper Spray in Pink be a reflection of your unwavering determination to stay safe and in control. Don't wait another moment to invest in your safety and showcase your fearless spirit with this stylish and powerful accessory.

Join countless empowered women who have made the Pink Pepper Spray their go-to choice for safety. Elevate your confidence and self-assurance with a touch of Pink that makes a bold statement - "I am strong, I am prepared, and I am in charge."

Take the first step in prioritizing your safety - choose the Pink Pepper Spray Keychain and embrace the modern woman's approach to self protection. Because safety is beautiful, and so are you.

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Pink

  • 12 ft Range
  • Includes keychain
  • Unique flip top safety prevents accidental discharge
  • Large size is easy to carry but contains 50% more pepper spray than other pepper sprays
  • Made in the USA

Also available in Black.

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