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This Ninja Keychain Weapon is a kubotan with extra spikes extending from it. These spikes protrude through your fingers while you are holding it in your fist.

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Spiked Kubotan – Ultimate Self Defense Tool

The Spiked Kubotan is a highly effective self-defense weapon designed to be carried with you at all times. Made of durable metal and equipped with extra spikes, this kubotan can incapacitate an attacker and provide you with the protection you need.

The Ninja Keychain Kubotan is a tactical self-defense weapon designed with extra spikes extending from a sturdy metal body. This compact and lightweight tool attaches to your keychain, ensuring it is always within reach. The spiked kubotan can incapacitate an attacker by targeting bony areas or pressing into pressure points, causing severe pain. With an ergonomic grip, this defense keychain is easy to handle, making it an effective personal protection tool. Use the pointed ends to strike with precision, enhancing your combat and martial arts techniques.

This portable self-defense weapon is ideal for everyday carry. The key ring ensures it blends seamlessly with your keys, providing discreet yet powerful protection. Whether for personal safety or as a tactical addition to your martial arts arsenal, this spiked kubotan is a reliable defense tool that offers peace of mind in any situation.

spiked kubotan

Key Features:

  • Material: High-quality metal for durability.
  • Design: Equipped with extra spikes for enhanced defense.
  • Portability: Includes a keychain ring for easy attachment to your keys.
  • Usage: Effective for striking bony areas or pressing into pressure points.

Benefits of the Spiked Kubotan

The Spiked Kubotan is designed to provide maximum protection. The spikes add an extra level of pain and potential tissue damage to an attacker, making it a formidable self-defense tool. Its compact size and keychain attachment ensure that it is always within reach when you need it most.

Ideal for Personal Safety

This ninja kubotan is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their personal safety. Whether you are walking alone at night or in a potentially dangerous situation, having this self-defense tool can give you peace of mind. The kubotan's spikes make it an effective deterrent against attackers.

Why Choose Our Spiked Kubotan

Our Spiked Kubotan combines practicality and effectiveness. The metal construction ensures durability, while the spikes provide added protection. The keychain design makes it convenient to carry, ensuring that you are always prepared.

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