Bad Ass Night Baton

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The Stun Master Night Stick is a rechargeable stun baton with LED flashlight and nylon holster. Long reach, powerful SHOCK!

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Yeah, that's right! It's called the Bad Ass!

And for Good Reason...

Blind, Buzz and Bash! Introducing the all new Stun Master Bad Ass! This 3 in 1 baton is the first combination of its kind made out of aircraft quality aluminum. Strong enough to be carried as a nightstick. It features a high-end tactical flashlight and a powerful 110,000,000 volt blast of electricity that will put the biggest, baddest attacker on well…. his ass.

110,000,000 Stun Master Bad Ass Stun Baton with LED flashlight.

Often imitated but never quite duplicated, the Bad Ass Baton is made of some of the strongest material known to man. The 120 Lumen super bright LED flashlight will provide that beacon of light in a dark and scary world. Disorient your opponent by flashing this beam into their eyes and they'll be temporarily blinded by the intensity of it.

And with its firm rubberized grip and wrist strap, the Bad Ass Baton can easily be used as a heavy duty clubber. While they are struggling to get their night vision back, you can take appropriate action and defend yourself. Don't give them the chance to get you first.

Strong Enough to be Used as a Heavy Duty Clubber!

At the front end of the baton is a jaw-dropping 110,000,000 volt stun gun. The baton emits an electrifying shock with the simple ease of pushing a button. Powerful is an understatement when it comes to the juice this stun baton emits. When you get this in your hands and test fire it, you'll know for sure you don't want to be on the other side of it.

You can even use it as your flashlight when you go walking at night. Lights up your way in dark places and is ready to use for self-defense in an instant. It packs a whopping 110,000,000 volts and will have an assailant squirming with pain in seconds. It's great for police, security guards, even military personnel.

110,000,000 Volts
Bad Ass Stun Master Stun Baton
Wrist Strap • Rechargeable • LED Flashlight • 4.9 Milliamps

The baton includes charger cord. Measures 14 ¾” x 1 ½” and has a lifetime warranty.


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I purchased this bad ass stick for my wife and it's bad ass my wife feels safe with it the light is bright and the stopping power sounds incredible .. thanks

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