Mini LED Flashlight

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There are always times when you need a light and this powerful beam fits the bill. Made of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum making it very strong.

Super Bright Mini LED FLASHLIGHT

This mini flashlight will be with you wherever you go because it's so small, it fits anywhere. There are always times when you need a light and this powerful beam will do the job without getting in the way. Made of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum - strong enough to be used as a self defense kubotan

500 lumens of blinding intensity, easily zoomable to pinpoint the beam where you need it!

At 50 feet this flashlight can zoom from a 30-foot beam down to a 6-foot beam.

Defense Disorientation

The new innovative lens simply extends to narrow the blaze of light over 1,000 feet! It has a blinding strobe setting for defense-disorientation. Shine it directly in someone's eyes if threatened.

High-quality aircraft grade aluminum body with on/off button and belt/pocket clip at the base. 500 Lumens. 3-5/8 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. Includes a 14500 Lithium rechargeable battery with charger and an adapter to use AAA batteries.

Keep in your glove compartment, boat, purse, nightstand, door entrance, emergency kit.

Mini LED Flashlight

Best Small Flashlight for You to Use

You find these in a lot of places such as auto stores, department stores at the checkout aisle, and countertops everywhere. But, this one is not like those. Those flimsy versions are very cheaply made knock-offs that don't last that long and break easily. Our model has a solid metal construction and is quite durable.

You can feel the difference when you're holding it and won't be afraid to drop it thinking it could break. This won't! You can keep several of these around the house for emergencies. In the junk drawer, on your nightstand, top of the refrigerator, or anywhere else.

The floor is yours!

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