Hidden Nunchucks

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An escrima stick that transforms into a pair of nunchaku. Two weapons in one!


These Hide-A-Chucks cannot be shipped to CA or MA.

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Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku/Police Baton

Combining a baton and nunchaku, this weapon gives you options. With a few turns of the handles, the hidden nunchucks are revealed.

The Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku Escrima is actually two weapons in one. It is a 12" nunchaku that features a metal chain and ball bearing swivel that can be screwed together to form a 24" escrima stick. This weapon is made from heavy-duty aluminum and features a textured handle for a secure grip.

Great for someone training on kali escrima stick techniques and nunchaku techniques.

  • Convertible
  • 12" nunchaku
  • 24" police baton

Nunchaku Escrima cannot be shipped to CA or MA.

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Mike Ryan
Verified purchase
Can't go wrong for $25. Never had a chrome hidachuck before but I like it.
At only 21.5" long and 3.25" wide they are definitely the smallest set I've ever had or seen. The reason it gets 4 stars is due to the male end where the chain is attached is FIXED. All the Hidachucks I've ever had or seen SWIVEL, which makes working them easier. It's not terrible but it's noticeable when trying to twirl them.
Good buy for $25. Attached are photos that should help with dimensions and issue.
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