Aluminum Nunchaku Escrima

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An escrima stick that transforms into a pair of nunchaku. Two weapons in one!


These Hide-A-Chucks cannot be shipped to CA or MA.


Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku/Police Baton

Combining a baton and nunchaku, this weapon gives you options. With a few turns of the handles, the hidden nunchucks are revealed.

Ther Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku Escrima is actually two weapons in one. It is a 12" nunchaku that features a metal chain and ball bearing swivel that can be screwed together to form a 24" escrima stick. This weapon is made from heavy-duty aluminum and features a textured handle for a secure grip.

Great for someone training on kali escrima stick techniques and nunchaku techniques.

  • Convertible
  • 12" nunchaku
  • 24" police baton

Nunchaku Escrima cannot be shipped to CA or MA.

Nunchuks are amazing . ! 5 stars for sure ! Already learning and using them really well. Recommend !

Overall not terrible for the price. however when screwed together they do not come together quite flush. also a large downside is when they are screwed together the chain inside just dangles freely and audible noise it creates is quite noticeable even when in a bag or on your side. Not good for covert ninja operations.
still overall a decent enough eskirma and some serious impact chux.
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