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Barking Dog Alarm - The electronic watch dog uses radar technology to "see" through your front door. When an intruder enters the area of protection, the alarm automatically begins barking like an angry German Shepard. From outside, it sounds like you have a very unfriendly canine inside....

Barking Dog Alarm - The electronic watch dog uses radar technology to "see" through your front door.

When an intruder enters the area of protection, the alarm automatically begins barking like an angry German Shepard. From outside, it sounds like you have a very unfriendly canine inside.

With it's radar eyes, the alarm can "see" through thick doors, walls and glass.

barking dog alarmThe closer a person gets, the louder and more ferocious the barking seems to grow. This lets those burglars or intruders know that the dwelling isn't empty.

Most criminals would try to find an easier home to break into rather than deal with a ferocious animal.

This device can protect homes, apartments, mobile homes, RV's, jewelry stores, hotels, factories, warehouses, public and private buildings of virtually every kind. Includes a remote control to arm and disarm the unit.

The Electronic Barking Dog Sounds Just Like An Angry German Shepard!

This type of alarm is even used to ward off and alert against bear intrusions. Bears do not like the sound of barking, especially when they can't see where it's coming from.

A black bear will generally shy away from a confrontation rather than engage in human contact...or an alert pup and a human.

Your new "pet" will monitor your door and will bark, ferociously if necessary, when an unexpected intruder approaches.

This preventative warning will alert you to the possible danger and also alert the bear or burglar that they need to stop and think about what they are doing.

You will get the time you need to arm yourself and/or call the police.

Police say a barking dog is an excellent way to deter burglars and this one never needs food, water, or to be taken for a walk. This is the ideal watchdog because he does what even the best living and breathing watchdog can't do.

He can "see" through thick doors, walls, and glass. And once his cord is plugged into any standard 110 VAC electrical outlet, he'll stay on duty around the clock, indefinitely.

electronic watch dogChoose any location indoors where you want to detect movement such as hidden behind the front door. Turn it on and your new pet begins sensing and detecting.

When movement is detected, he will alert you with the sounds you have chosen.

Choose from two settings: alert sound of an angry and protective watchdog or a chime sound to alert you of a guest's arrival.

When in the barking mode, it begins to emit the ferocious sounds of a large, unhappy attack animal. The closer the intruder gets, the louder and more frequent the warning becomes.

As the intruder backs off, the barking decreases in intensity and frequency, stopping completely when movement is out of range.

Made by Safe Family Life, a leader in home security devices, this product never sleeps. It will bark angrily as an intruder approaches or play a nice chime to alert you to a visitor!


  • Switch from bark mode to chime mode.
  • Sense movement through walls, doors, and glass to alert you of a visitor's arrival.
  • Very Realistic - gets louder and more frequent as intruder gets closer.
  • Variable distance sensitivity (up to 7 meters) as well as volume control.
  • Protection with none of the problems of owning a real one.
  • Perfect for all public and private buildings.
  • Plugs into any standard outlet.
  • Also takes 8 AA back-up batteries (not included) in case of power loss.
  • Reliable 24 hour protection.
  • No installation required.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Size (inches): 6" x 7" x 4 3/4"

The included remote control lets you Arm and Disarm the system, as well as set off a Panic alarm. You can also connect one additional sensor (HA-MOTION or HA-SENSOR).

Electronic Watchdog for Security

Keeping your home safe and secure with an electronic watchdog may not be the be all end all, but it's a great addition when used in connection with other security devices.

How Electronic Watchdogs Work

For maximum use, an electronic watchdog should be plugged in to the electrical socket nearest to the points of entry in your home you want to protect.  These devices have sensors that are able to scan through not just doors or windows but walls as well. They work in an adjustable range of ten to twenty feet and, upon detecting any sign of movement, emit a ferocious barking sound or a chime depending on your settings.


Electronic watchdogs will start barking the moment someone attempts to get closer to your home. The closer the intruder is, the louder the barking gets. The sounds are very much realistic and you could thwart many a burglar attempt by fooling them into thinking you’ve got guard dogs watching over your home.


Its motion sensing function can also be used to alert you on the presence of welcomed visitors – expected or otherwise. You can set it to sound the chime as a guest approaches your house.

This would work extremely well if you want to be informed about anyone coming up and you want to greet them at the front door. Then again, if you’re holding a surprise party for a loved one, it would let you know when it's the right time to go lights off and hide.

Common Sense Drawbacks of Using a Barking Dog Alarm Alone

Electronic watchdogs are effective at deterring and thwarting attempts of burglary and trespassing, but they are not capable of protecting you outright.

Fooled Once, But Not Twice

Burglars may be fooled the first time around but if they decide to stake out your house and realize you don't own any pet, they may realize you're simply using an electronic watchdog and make a second attempt at breaking into your home.

It’s Not a Self Defense Weapon

Intent burglars may still try to break into your home, never mind dogs barking, and then they'd realize you've no pets to speak of. When this happens, you'll have to use other security devices or self defense weapons to protect your loved ones at home.

great product... I received it quicker than expected

Now, as for the alarm, I am very happy with it. It is loud
and seems to be doing a great job keeping the deer and
other pests out of our veggie garden and has stopped the
skunks, raccoons from digging in our lawn. I would
recommend it to any one.

After two break-ins, into our equipment bay, we knew we needed some security. Being in a rural area anyone who broke in would be long gone by the time security arrived. We needed on scene action. After installing the barking dog motion sensor we have not had a break-in. We installed a motion sensor at each corner of the building. When you walk by it now sounds like the dog is following you around the building. Bottom line is it is the best security and it saves on dog food.

Several years ago, I ordered two of your barking dog motion sensor alarms and I must say that is one of THE very best investments I could have made for my personal security! I am very impressed with the range and how realistic they sound! It's a big comfort knowing they're "on duty" when I'm not available or during the night.
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