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Door Alarm Wedge

You're home alone, your imagination runs wild and every noise you hear, you automatically assume someone is trying to get into the house. What do you do? Do you get up and check every time?

If you are looking for an added sense of security while you are at home alone, the DSAL-2 door stop alarm is a good solution. This is a small but handy device you can use to know for sure whether someone is attempting entry through your door. The door alarm functions in two ways:

One, it lets you know when someone is trying to enter the home with a loud alarm.

The second is it prevents the intruder from actually getting in by wedging the door shut and physically preventing the door from opening.

Door Alarm Wedge

Door Alarm Wedge

This security device is placed on the floor, up against and underneath the bottom of the door. The sloped edge of the device is actually a metal contact. When the door is pushed up against the metal, it causes the alarm to go off alerting you that someone is actually trying to open it. Much better than wondering, right?

Stops the Door from Opening

There is no difficult installation. Just install the 9 volt battery and place the item in front of the door, where the tip of the wedge is slightly under the door. When someone attempts to open the door, the door will push down on the metal plate causing the alarm to sound.

The 120db alarm will simultaneously scare away an intruder, alert the people inside, and make enough noise that someone else will be alerted and possible summon help.

The base of the unit is forced downward by the pressure of the opening and makes it stay in place. This stoppage serves as a reinforcement base and actually prevents further opening.

The DSAL-2 door stop alarm is the ideal alarm for traveling while staying at a motel. Fits nicely in luggage and does not require external power. And if you are traveling out of the country, there are no converters needed.

You can use these on any door you want to protect. If anyone tries to gain unlawful entry, you will know it and the person trying to get in will know you know as well.

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