White Dome Dummy Camera

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Own a store or office? Away from your business often and need something inexpensive to "keep an eye" on employees and customers? We have just the thing!


Since this Dummy Dome Surveillance Camera looks like the real thing, no one will ever know it's fake. Even up close it looks like there is a real camera in it. Within minutes, you can mount this to your ceiling using the included mounting bracket.

Dummy Camera Dome

dome dummy camera

Why spend hundreds on a confusing, hard to install surveillance system, when this inexpensive legitimate piece of hardware can give you the peace of mind you need?

You may never have to worry about theft, vandalism or employees not doing what they are supposed to do ever again.

This dome dummy camera looks just like the real thing. And it should because it is a real camera housing without the camera electronics inside.

Includes metal mounting bracket. Installs easily using stainless steel screws.

These are great for small business offices, realty offices, gift shops and the like. They are similar to the real ones you see in large department stores and shopping centers at a fraction of the cost! Try one of these...or even a few!

DM-WHTCM Dome Dummy Camera

- Base measures 5 7/8" across and the dome is 3 1/2" high.

- Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

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